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20jazzfunkgreats best of 2010: Paranormal Beauty Contest

As we approach thee end of 2010, we open the gun locker, gaffer tape a flashlight to our pump action shotgun and slide into the vietcong tunnels of what went on this year. There be monsters there.

Being the all encompassing unstandardised weirdoes that we are, we make no attempt at ranking our choices, or to classify them by format. We just about manage to drop them into different buckets which aren’t quite genres, but a chromatic scale of the kirlian aura colours that they impressed upon us.

Let’s begin with black. Things that go slash in the night.

Chris Carter – The Space Between: Optimo music present to us a resurrected artefact from the dawn of our current philosophies.  Instrumental sides to the freestyle battles of Gods.

Chris Carter – Clouds (posted 2008)

Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics Vol. 1.: An urban survival guide for the modern existential hero. Can be read as a cyberpunk anthology, or as a collection of fashion tips for the cavalcade of the damned.

Eleven Pond- Watching Trees (posted in 2009)

Florene – Homemade Extacy. Those blips you see breaking the speed limit in your radar, lt. Strumpf, as you swig on your hip flask behind a battered roadside advert in the scorching Texan night, they aren’t your average joy riders. No, they are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and they are looking for a rave.

Florene- Homemade Extacy (new post)

Gatekeeper: Giza.Herr Mannheim, I think that upgrading the operating system of our robotic assembly line with a code sequence downloaded from an anonymous source located somewhere in the sidereal voids wasn’t such a hot idea.

Gatekeeper- Serpent (posted Dec 6th)

Indian Jewelry: Totaled. Dorothy is bored in her house in the middle of the desert. A whirlwind takes her to a world of impossible colour . She jacks a pickup truck and storms down the yellow paths with her gang of metal men and talking beasts, under a black cloud of flying monkeys. Oz is toppled and anarchy ensues.

Indian Jewelry- Excessive Moonlight (posted May 18th)

Liars: Sisterworld. This is the sort of pop music that fills the airwaves in those desolate places where prepubescent worshippers of a pagan cult slaughtered all the adults.

Married in Berdichev: Readying. Walking down the private collection of the Hunterian museum at night, where beauty stands still, preserved in aspic.

Married in Berdichev- I Need the Sun (posted July 27th)

Model Man – Shouldn’t I be Dead by Now? Dry ice and airbrushed laser beams thunder over a brutal coastline as Tron’s less binary characters engage in fatalistic plans for their escape.

Model Man – Shouldn’t (posted October 18th)

Mueran Humanos: S/T. The dead are not quiet in Mueran Humanos’ album. Within, walls continue upright, bricks meet, floors are firm, and doors are sensibly shut. Silence lies steadily against the wood and stone. And we who walk here… walk alone.

Mueran Humanos: Festival de las Luces (New post)

Psychic Ills- FRKWYS 4: Doomsday ragas kinaesthetically synchronised with the infra-red output of the Predator’s mask, while manhunting in the Arabian desert.

Psychic Ills- Mantis (Juan Atkins Remix) (Posted August 26th)

Puerto Rico Flowers: 4. Me and Bauhaus getting it on in the abandoned abattoir (a love story).

Puerto Rico Flowers: Let’s Make Friends (new post)

Salem – King Night: Filling 20JFG’s lungs with bewitching dreams since 2008, Salem deliver the album that brushes past any middling concerns of genre partisans.  Exquisite beauty lurking beneath waves of delay and syrup.

Salem – Frost (New Post)

Scorpion Violente: Uberschleiss. The Gabber Meinhof aren’t a wild bunch of decadent noisemongers hellbent on collapsing society by industrial means. No, they are the research & development department of the survivalist massive, prototyping sonic armaments to be deployed against the undead hordes crawling from an oversubscribed hell.

Scorpion Violente: Viol et Revanche (posted October 18th)

Teeth of the Sea: Your Mercury. Sexual transcendence you achieve while your flesh dissolves under the leathery wings of the bat people of The Beastmaster.

Teeth of the Sea: A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. (posted October the 7th)

Xander Harris – Urban Gothic Synth drenched ode to Brian Keene.  A mix tape of all our favourite horror scores ripped to shreds and assembled into terrifyingly catchy shapes.

Xander Harris – Opening Credits (posted August 20th)

The Circus of Shadows

Featuring : Fabulous Diamonds + liars

So we said little about the release of Liars‘ Sisterworld, not because we didn’t rate it, which we did- and a lot-, but simply because we thought all of you would already know about it-guess we tend to focus on things which are on the left side of leftfield, for good or for ill. That’s also the reason why some excellent bands drop off the radar vectors projected in these pages- we keep digging deep, for our own pleasure and, in an ancillary manner, we hope,  yours.

But I thought I would say something about them now upon hearing their new single, ‘Overachievers‘ (video). They are, after all, one of the reasons why we started doing this thing, a wild bunch of visionary coyotes, wearing their influences in the sleeves of their wizard cloaks (and their records too, remember There’s Always Room in the Broom?), reconfiguring them with the manic verve of idiot savants beating the solar system and allied parallel planes record of Rubik cube re-assemblage, if only the rubik cube was embossed with punk esoterica, snap, to hurl it in your lap with the anarchistic glee of Bulgakov’s Master, detonation of soul napalm and heads blown away once again. Natch.

In the aforementioned release we find, in addition to the snotty pumped up snotty pre-hardcore of the title tune, and another chapter in their sustained love affair with perversely heartrending folk of Only Sometimes,  ‘Pleasure is Boss’, a piece of vintage kick ass Liars death valley 69 funk, feat. creepy kiddy crypto-incantations or another call to wash the streets with the blood of the Joneses, drums redoubling as if you were being dragged into the terrordrome by unholy balaclava clad brutes, all of this punctured with discrete shards of schematic dissonance harkening back to those times of yore when Erase Errata used to unleash swarms of killer owls upon the dancefloor every other night.

Everything in its right place then.

Liars- Pleasure is Boss

You wake up one morning and you find that Fabulous Diamonds are back from that queer land of drone and drum where they dwell, still keeping their album and song titles within the natural numbers system, still camping into that area of your brain that stores a primeval fascination for the gaudy paraphernalia of the shadow circus, that remnant of pagan ceremony not circumscribed to the cycle of sowing and harvest, but to the migratory tides which brought gypsy caravans to the lands of your ancestors, their knowledge being geographically bounded, everything from without magic & ecstasy.

The second tune is the echo of their arrival, pounding drums and an intoxicating organ drone closing upon you like the wings of the night, darkness pierced by scented fires, silence broken by mystic chants, an invisible force pushes you towards a gilded cage where a blind divinatrix sits, the cards are laid down and a message uttered, content lost in the blur, remembered in dreams.

Fabulous Diamonds- 2

Out soon in Siltbreeze

We Love Gonzo Fools

You know the ones. Those gifted harlequins that prance wide eyed with devious smiles through napalm filled swamps of writhing horror and sparkling synthesized glitter bursts, past neon outlined mountains where confetti falls upwards and all around the sounds of madness are melting away all the boredom as if Cillit Bang became a day-glo purple Cloverfield monster and grimy dirt was New York City.

Some such ruffians of feral wonderment are our much beloved heroes of yelping moonlit pagan rave, Liars. We care not for naysayers who persecute our medieval forestmen for their Jesus & Mary Chain phase with the last self titled album, but that’s because Liars have a 20JFG Golden Key – which means they can do whatever the fuck they want and we will adore and squeal like teenyboppers. Besides, that album ruled anyways.

In a blink and you’ll miss it flash, Liars posted a series of unreleased tracks on their MySpace player. They ranged from dirge and drone meltdowns with Angus turning himself inside out in front of a microphone, and kitchen sink and all clatter-fests hammered across iron sheets under the watchful gaze of the 10th planet. We presume these tracks are what didn’t make the cut for last years album.

‘Cruel’ was a favourite of the bunch which launches Liars into the air with a glass statue shattering introductory tone and lands them somewhere between the hungry ghosts versus Cyclopean spiders sound of the second album and the mountain set witch apocalypse mantra of the third. The Mt. Heart Attack summer festival parade comes winding down the mountain with creeping percussive power that sinks the Sun into the sea and the steaming salty mists erode away the revellers.

Liars – Cruel

‘Nihilist’ is the end of the world in shoe-gaze land, where the burnt bodies of Slowdive and the Cocteau Twins still smoulder in the bitter night air as ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ by Sonic Youth plays backwards quietly from a ruined shack and the rats vacate the destroyed city to begin new lives in the black leafed woods.

Liars – Nihilist

But a new entity has passed through us like a vaporous beast that worships at a Play-Doh monolith painted with splashes of blue and green paint by kids that hail from the bad villages on the enticingly evil side of town. Its Late Of The Pier!

We already testified our love for LOTP last September where we compared them to early incarnations of The Knife through to Pac-Man japes by way of Gary Numan. They have jabbed at the fun button so much now its just getting tiring so they’ve gone ahead and selotaped it down for a permanent party of cut-out cardboard disco masks and gowns fashioned from your mum’s green shoulder-padded 80’s suites and refuse collectors uniforms, all spattered with fluorescent paint slashes.

Late Of The Pier – The Bears Are Coming (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix)

On ‘The Bears Are Coming’ prog rock is treated to the same happy accident when a ball of phosphorous acid-house light crashed into it as Klaxons arrived. But then on new remix 12″, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve send the track through a mangle made from the debris of the wicker man and we get a Summerisle day-trip to the darker regions of woodland that we didn’t get to see in the movie where percussion is played on the skulls of past victims and the main melodies played by a forest animal troupe reared on Test-Icicles and black-comedy Bruce Haack.

Check the new 12″ for proper space rock meets space disco with The Emperor Machine and demonic 8-bit sex thumps from Joakim.

We have important friends in the animal kingdom

So, say, what about a post with three of our favourite people? Liars, Crystal Castles and Planningtorock’s? Are you buying? Don’t need to, we’re sharing! And always caring.

Where our pals Crystal Castles infiltrate Liars’ cave on top of Mt. Heart Attack and throw a party for all the gremlins who live there. It’s difficult to get away with the distorted creeping synth bassline these days but CCs manage more than handsomely because they have class, turning the slow burning haunted original into an uncomfortable club mini-hit for complicated kids and people who enjoy dancing in circles holding hands like it was the Witches’ Sabbath, our kind of people, you know, you see them in the middle of the disco- dark, sexy in a Wicker man way, hyper-concentrated and oblivious to the craziness surrounding them, you can be sure the milk of their neighbours’ cow just went sour or something.

Crystal Castles will be releasing their Untrust Us Debut EP on Summer Lovers Unlimited soon, you know what to do, pre-order here.

Liars- It Fit When I was a Kid (Crystal Castles remix) (Updated Version)

Note- We updated this file today (tuesday) as the version we posted initially was an earlier mix, so download again and enjoy the 8-bit synth thrills in all their eerie geometrical glory.

Thanks to the Mute people, and particularly Howard (total star!) for this, and for being awesome to be honest. We hear Liars be releasing another album this year, and we hear it’s awesome, could it be any other way? We’ll do our best to try and bring them to Brighton next time they tour, now really. Them and the Boredoms and we’re almost sorted. And Optimo. And Daft Punk.

Enough already!

Planningtorock’s is like Antony and the Johnsons’ skinny weirdo sister, the one who likes to scribble on the walls with a chewed on pencil and have bizarre seances with her teddy bears and an assortment of imaginary friends. Her ‘Have it All’ album has a je ne sais quoi that repels and seduces at the same time, both emotions intertwine like emerald & jade snakes surrounding & trapping you inside a murky, precious yet raw zone of bare emotions channeled through baroque structures never ever sliding into what’s contrived because they’re true, always art for what it’s worth, shining like these very strange opals found occasionally in secret spots of certain haunted forests and cellars. The sort of thing that could only have been done in Berlin, or in a certain idea of Berlin, perhaps best presented in Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow and those Bowie albums.

In her ‘All Stringed Up’ cd, she barnishes a few of her songs with a lush cobweb of strings which only emphasises their eerie and vadeuvillesque nature, notes tip-toe mischievous around dark zones as the carnival of skulls, bones and metamorphoses keeps swirling like some medieval fresco come to life, if Angela Carter had ever made music it would have sounded like this, Our Lady of the Massacre that’s what Planningtorock is, a cat playing with the mouse of her (and our) emotions.

Planningtorock- Changes (stringed up version)