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Today we bring you the celestial Jungle jams from Lone (courtesy of his album Levitate).

Lone – Backtail Was Heavy

Backtail Was Heavy is the soundtrack to Sonic’s Casino Night Zone if only a few specks of neon were left on and the stars were allowed to sing to our spiky blue avatar.   A headlong rush that only pauses briefly as you fall through the inky black night, before blasting forth once more.

Blacktail Was Heavy is the sound of raves, if raves involved techno-pagans actually getting their shit together and opening up portals to the minds of vastly higher beings.  Who also happen to be at a rave.  Like Being John Malkovich except with amen breaks and your mind existing as a moment of pure energy before being crushed by superior intelligences.

Levitate came out last Friday on R&S and you can get get it right here.