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Winter has come

Featuring : Ditt Inre + Lord Boyd


A cascading, disjointed fall through the mp3s this week.  First up is Lord Boyd who sent us something he thoughts we’d like in the form of Ghosts in the Phantom (evidently before the name was changed in the artwork above — where the other ghosts have gone, who knows?).  This was subsequently buried beneath an explosion of email and general inbox chaos until being unearthed in a Christmas cleansing ritual.  But it’s here now and that’s what matters.

Imagine the blue winter morning of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic.  The beginning bit with the bells heralding the arrival of some lush French house.  Imagine the smoke rising from that pretty 19th century landscape, looped.  The church bell tightly oscillating at an obscene angle, its toll already fading, as the whole scene stutters.

Then imagine the whole thing ripped asunder as Chicago rises from the ground.  Glorious swathes of Footwork surrounded by swarming chrome angles that will eventually rest on the highest spires.  Civilization spills out like a flood, colonizing the land with myriad melodies and strange ideas, all competing for control of the song.  The cacophony sometimes runs away with itself but the wisdom of the crowds is unquestionable.


You can hear the rest of the Ghost in the Phantom EP here.


Another pre-Christmas attempt at contact came from the ever wonderful Cascine label.  This was perhaps best suited to the solitary introspection that goes on in some of the 20JFG household(s) during the festivities.

Ditt Inre’s Din Röst is all sparse Dub, reverb rich and comforting.  Sadly not speaking Swedish we can’t comment on what exactly is being discussed but it sounds like a ritual of some sort by well meaning monks.  Perhaps welcoming in the winter or exalting in the death of their foes.  Which is all monks do.

When the blanket of bass lifts it becomes gloriously spectral.  As if this winter the monks were welcoming was the sort that left a blinding blanket of snow upon beautiful white trees.  The sort of winter that sees sunlight turning the equally snow blanketed ground to jewels.  The monks levitating in pure love for the season and spirits dancing through the trees.  That sort of spectral.

It’s probably not what the song’s about.  Sorry.

Ditt Inre – Din Röst

Out now on Cascine.  You can buy it here.


Oh, sweet home – Week 2

Featuring : Lord Boyd

Dear 20JFG,

The portal that you provide back to my former life — all glittering floors and narrow streets — continues to be very much appreciated.  

I have made repeated excursions this week, attempting to pierce the membrane that keeps me from you; a needle repeatedly stopped in time, on the verge.  But to no avail.  I remain idealising from afar and plotting my eventual return.

Without the ‘penguin huddle’ that your city’s wayward building practices provides I have been repeatedly blasted by sea-fresh winter weather.  It has not been fun.

Thanks once again for the parcel.  Its boundless energy paints the streets with looping joy.

Whatever the collective noun for celestial brand Casio keyboards, they descend from on high to kiss the balearic shores before pushing off back into the sky to dance loops against the clouds.  Moments of grace amongst the alluring cliffs of a tidal breakbeat: washing over the dancing, specular flecks of light that flake from the treble heavy melodies.

What would have made for a very respectably brief running length for a 60s pop single here contains all your dance music food groups.  A beautiful intro a danceable series of peaks and troughs a breakdown and a triumphant return.  Maybe not enough drops to satisfy your average Skrillex fan but nonetheless, an impressive feat for a track barely out of 2 minutes.  2012 will bow before brevity in dance music (although we’d have still liked this to go on forever).

Lord Boyd – Shark Dad

Lord Boyd’s Beyonce EP is out now via his Bandcamp, here.


Delightfully Odd Music

Featuring : Ben Aqua, Deep Earth + Lord Boyd

Deep Earth return to the pages of 20JFG with a track from their split with Food Pyramid (who took the time to leave a lengthy comment on Monday’s post — both post and comment are well worth reading).

Kontraband teases as a synth led Miami Vice Balearic stormer, all mid-2000’s slo-disco swagger.  Yet the Bladerunner synths that wash over tracts of the first third cast all that revivalist neon in a slightly odd glow.  If anything the entire track crumbles in on itself for an extended breakdown (in both senses of the word), taking in some almost minimalist Mediterranean shuffles and, is that an ever so slightly funky bassline in there?  That is before those mournful future noir synths surge back in on the back of a wonderfully deployed horn solo (thus playing into 20JFG’s secret love of horn sections in dance music — I’m looking at you Etienne Jaumet)

So, delightfully odd in a way that restores our faith in delightfully odd music.  So kind of Finders Keepers in 7″ form or, more prosaically: not a million miles from Aeroplane‘s debut and the promise that held.

Deep Earth – Kontraband

Kontraband as we may have mentioned, is a split with the awesome Food Pyramid.  Out on the equally awesome Moon Glyph Records.  Get it here.

This wondrous image was taken from the wonderful Sci-fi-o-rama and it’s by Kilian Eng

Another returning 20JFG shock-troops recaptures these pages, this time in the form of Lord Boyd.  Taking in all the foreign lands he’s conquered visited, Lord Boyd’s remix Time Wharp‘s Cuspcake pulls in the early house synth obsession from UK Bass, the chopped RnB from, well, modern RnB.  The original‘s chip-tune p-funk come blissed out end-of-level boss on a yacht (rock) made of cocaine…ness, is reshaped as something altogether more smooth.  Wonderfully hyperactive while seeming to glide through a parallax scrolling night of two-stepping possibilities.

Time Wharp – cuspcake [Lord Boyd rmx]

This is taken from the Later.RMX album available here.

Lord Boyd also has a track on Egyptian Maraccas curated comp of remixes from which this next track by Ben Aqua is taken.

SNAP’s new-age-y Rave anthem Exterminate is made to look positively somnambulistic as Ben Aqua manages the same trick as Lord Boyd above: marshalling a feeling of hyperactivity while simultaneously creating that molasses slow narcotic haze that would be quite terrifying divorced from the vocals and drum programming.  Something of the Weenknd’s mournful RnB drifts over the proceeding further dragging the feeling of speed in a dozen directions at once.  Multiple tempo changes later, the effect is dizzying.

In a good way.

Ben Aqua – Exterminate

As mentioned above this track’s taken from the Egyptian Maraccas remix album available here.

None of these things are related

Featuring : Graphics + Lord Boyd


A dagger, a grave, a cold wet mist hanging in the air.

A sunset, a rocky beach, a concrete jetty.

A dank London street, orange glows, enticingly awful food.

Late 90s electronica, ghostly Ch-House vocals, BASS.

None of these things are in order.

Like the opening of a Herzog-ian documentary on an invented tribe of endlessly looping South American tribesmen, caught in some feverish Amazonian reverie, while a full scale replica of a Chicago club is ferried downstream on a vast barge…

Like the spires of industrial cities, reaching up to the thick wet clouds and disgorging their blankets of smoke, which cover the glistening cobbles and haphazardly tarmacked side streets below…

Like a penny endlessly trembling as it succumbs to gravity on a perspex counter-top.

Well Rounded are quickly and efficiently becoming a treasure of the Brighton Vs. Hove demilitarised zone.  Graphics is the second release on offshoot, Well Rounded Individuals and is a towering example of Fractured British Dance Music.  A sliced vocal looped and buried under fabric-thin waves of synth washes haunts the intricate drum programming and sweeping siren-calls that interleave and enchant.  Which is not to say it’s adverse to a break and a surging refrain, that’d be silly.

Graphics – ‘Adjectival E’

The Graphics 12″ is out on July 4th on vinyl and you can enjoy your virtual 12″ on July 11th courtesy of the digital release.

As the phlegmatic comments left on the blog over the course of some recent posts have proved, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Our apologies go out to Lord Boyd for brutally sleeping on his latest release.  The 20JFG hivemind is occasionally separated, sent out to northern lands and denied access to the mailbox.  As a result a ton of blogs have no doubt already cast their runes over Bisons but we’ll attempt to play catchup.

Patients marries our Right to Children to an occasional Pulsinger synth-out while a Boucepherous Ball bounces along.  Partially.  Spaced out and alone, floating in among a great blue sea of icy ethereal synth peaks and pulsating lava flows of dirty euphoric techno running just out of reach beneath out feet.

LORD BOYD – patients

The Bison EP came out at the end of May and this is but one track from it.  The whole thing’s very good and is available from Lord Boyd’s Bandcamp here.

Under purple skies

Featuring : Bubble Club + Lord Boyd

On a warm Iberian island under purple skies.  On the gentle cliffs  above the glistening midnight blue sea.  On the flat roof-cum-balcony of a white washed villa.  On a wicker chair, padded with soft white cushions.  She sits.  And watches the stars unfold.

They twinkle infinitely in patterns of such astounding beauty that the only acceptable action is to recline and drink in the celestial display.

Below, a man glances up at the balcony — its occupant hidden from view — the sky unfolding above.  Golden hues spread across the endless purple night.  He sits, his head resting against a rock as the waves nearby lap against the shore in a sequence not unlike a blissful arpeggio.

Both of them, in unison, struck dumb with awe at the quiet beauty of the cosmos.

A balearic hymn to an unnamed Goddess that masters the art of gentle euphoria so completely, combines cosmic-disco tropes with such loving care, that it becomes, by the end of its seven minutes, one of the most moving thing we’ve heard in a long time.  Synth stabs, co-opted African rhythms, cooing male vocals under waves of arpegiated bliss: Bubble Club’s The Goddess is one of the very reasons we write this blog and we can’t praise it higher than that.

Bubble Club – The Goddess

International Feel will release Bubble Club’s quite unfathomably beautiful The Goddess on March 7th.  Bubble Club is Dan Keeling former head of A&R at Parlophone and former MD of Island Records…which I guess makes us total slackers.  The 12″ will come backed with an epic Quiet Village remix.

Lord Boyd graced these pages at the end of last year with the wonderfully titled Space Jordan 96, all tape warped eastern strings and dub beats.  Here his handiwork is applied to a an equally cut-up approach to western strings.  Swimming in the same channel as The Field and Gold Panda Lord Boyd’s Better Beedies loops and cuts end of the millennia string washes into a pre-dawn reverie, a half submerged glimpse of light flickering on the water.

Lord Boyd – Better Beedies

bottom image by El Lissitzky

Familiars of the Forbidden Zone

Featuring : Lord Boyd + Nites

Time trapped in the Forbidden Zone of our gilded capital affords plenty of opportunity to cultivate that particular blend of alienation that’s only curtailed by the mp3-playing-device welded to our pockets.  It takes a special brand of familiar to keep the calluses from forming on our dark souls – something that sits on the wrong side of the bus window offering out its claw through the steamed-up glass.  At least your Oyster still works.

Lord Boyd‘s tape warped Eastern strings looped and cut over a pounding dub beat takes us by the hand through the rapidly chilling commuter mornings.  Brutal economic realities flooding through the streets, removing the life from the well preserved edifices.  The gloriously named Space Jordan 96 providing a suitably epic swagger in its brief three minutes and ten seconds.  Thumping in-ear soundsystem wars to sate the threat of the expensively maintained streets of zone 1.

Lord Boyd – Space Jordan 96

If this had replaced the cloyingly ‘other’ Dylan cover that haunted the later part of BSG there may have been some hope for the fuck-we’ve-run-out-of-money-let’s-have-them-sit-around-drinking episodes that closed out the otherwise loveable series.

Nites return to these pages with a far more minimal approach to Dub than the frenetic Lord Boyd above.  This is weekday, 3AM, financial sector music.  Empty office buildings and no one around to look disdainfully as you gaze up and lose yourself amongst the shimmering forms of glass against the orange black sky.  It’s as if someone created a space subtly repellent to people, only bearable when swarmed in large numbers and a citadel to social function when not in use.  Amongst these towers you can snatch moments of being truly alone in an overcrowded metropolis and with 20JFG’s mp3-player-of-choice abstracting the experience further it can be glorious.

It is an Excuse to Get Hurt and to Hurt timestretches half remembered delirious Synthpop fodder and makes it lonely and ethereal; vaguely creepy and beautiful.  A heavily distorted vocal stalks through the empty space between the crunching drum machines, reverberated instructions completely unintelligible and faintly tragic as a result.  The determinedly upbeat shimmering melody undermined by its own glacial pace.

Nites – It is an excuse to get hurt and to hurt