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Wraiths and Drones

Featuring : Lutto Lento

The hauntology is strong with Weakness.  That the track seems to start half way through, its world already established, eases us in to this (the proceeding track defiantly ends with silence).

That high altitude, radiation damaged theremin sound that GY!BE kinda owned in the 90s, that’s here.  Like wraiths orbiting a decayed world.  Its an analogue sound from an age heavy with doom.

Looped underneath: a bass drone.  Like a nihilistic locked grove for a world in chaos.  So belligerently regulated in the face of global collapse that it becomes almost farce.

Beneath and within these sounds is an almost religious chanting / singing.  A moment of humanity placed between the wraiths and the drones.

But what sets this apart is a lone, short snippet that simply says “Dark Secret World”.  The recording is so clear that it’s immediately at odds with the other samples.  It seems almost as if someone has glimpsed all the chaos and then narrated to us those words.  Like some intergalactic watcher turning to the camera and, with neutrality, finding the three words that sum up the sound.

Lutto Lento – Weakness

Weakness is the final track on Lutto Lento’s album The Dark Secret World.  It’s out on the constantly surprising Where to Now? Records.  And you can buy it from here.