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20jazzfunkgreats best of 2010: Step Up

What vinyl platters could wake 20JFG prematurely from its cryogenic slumber in 2010? What repetitive beats could make its unconscious and partially thawed corpse shuffle towards the nearest dancefloor? What warm-hearted heaters could possibly defrost that heart of stone and illuminate that mind of disillusionment? What songs offered comfort when we were sat down and told that our plan to freeze ourselves in search of a better life in the future, had received some major setbacks? In the year that moved at 60 b.p.m, magic at higher tempos shone like the opening ceremony of the Ark of the Covenant.


2 Dogs In a House – Scream in the Night (posted 25th June)

Echoes of Mr. Fingers drift across prehistorical plains where the proto-wolves wait 10,000 years to devour us.


Beautiful Swimmers – Big Coast (posted July 5th)

The soundtrack to Streets of Rage 2 as rerecorded by Shriekback whilst holidaying on Easter Island.


Brassica – New Jam City (posted August 26th)

Prodigious astral boogie 1st heard in the pastel discotheque of Count Ramulus III, Lord of the Vapour Folk (the DJ wouldn’t tell us what it was but we sneaked a look at the label while he was in the toilet).


Charanjit Singh – Raga Megh Malhar (posted March 31st)

Humanity’s ongoing search for ‘The Future’ in electronic music was called off when it was discovered in the past.


Cos/Mes – Gozmez Land (posted November 4th)

A luscious trip into the humid rainforests of Selza-G where the indigenous folk speak only a percussive language based on distant Gamelan mythology.


Crystal Ark – The City Never Sleeps (posted March 22nd)

This is what happened when you dropped the schematic for that trans-dimensional love-canon on your visit to the druid camp.


Crystal Ark – The Tangible Presence of the Miraculous (posted November 16th)

This is what happened when they worked out how to build it.


DJ Nate – Make Em Run (posted July 6th)

Planet Mu gave the Europe a 4-part lesson in how they do things in Juke-Town. From Ramellzian voyages into unchartered arrangements by the younger generation, to telepathic hyperspeed bangers from the seasoned vets – each part served to further bend our stiff upper lips and get that booty shaking like it was Mecha-Godzilla being throttled by King Kong.

DJ Roc – Phantom Call (posted September 22nd)

DJ Rashad – Teknitianz (posted September 16th)

DJ Elmoe – Whea Yo Ghost at Whea Yo Dead Man (posted June 22nd)


Hunt with a cat – Wrapped in Rope (posted August 13th)

Gary Wallace (Anthony Michael Hall) and his best friend, Wyatt Donnelly (Ilan Mitchell-Smith), are 15-year-old nerds with low social standing at their Shermer, Illinois high school. During a weekend at Wyatt’s house in which his parents are out of town they came up with ‘Hunt With a Cat’, the finest mechanoid basement-acid act in the land.


Hyetal – Phoenix (New Post)

Between two stratosphere piercing peaks lies a valley shrouded in a synthetic mist: atmospheric and portentous.  Still, no amount of scene setting can quite prepare you for the majesty of those two peaks. “Last song of the night”-of-the-year.


Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream (posted January 26th)

Pitch bended celestial ballroom music so good, just hearing the opening takes us five years into the future whereupon we chance on a dank basement club, hear the first few chords of Ice Cream and levitate.


Jonathan Kusuma – Days are Numbered (posted August 27th)

One of many awesome transmissions from Indonesia this year via Space Recs.  Kusuma opening in a baroque fashion with a mile long procession towards a dark and foreboding tower…before storming it in thunderous style.


JR Seaton – Azklementyne (12′ mix) (posted August 5th)

The 20JFG specification document genre known as ‘Beatnik Beats’ was created especially for this blazed out intellectual battle of wits between Lil Louis and Artie Shaw.


Malvoeaux- Targets (posted July 5th)

The moment in Tron:Reloaded where Daft Punk finally remove those helmets to reveal thier unspeakable Teuthidian faces.


Pagan Future – Ancient Ritual (posted October 15th)

Delicate images from the insecure formation of techno preserved at a lower bpm for us to greater appreciate their beauty.


Protect-U – Double Rainbow (posted June 10th)

Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain, where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies.


Rocha- Hands of Love (Fingers of Sand) (Gatto Fritto’s Menorcan Nightmare Version) (posted March 22nd)

This is what hell wants you to think it sounds like down there, so that you will spend your life robbing banks and not helping old ladies across the road.


Steve Moore – Zero Point Field (posted october 13th)

This is what it felt like to be the LHC in the moments leading up to the first collision.


It has long been speculated that the observed periodic radial velocity pattern for the K giant Pollux might be explained in terms of an orbiting planetary companion. We have collected 80 high-resolution spectra for Pollux at Lick Observatory yielding precise radial velocities with a mean error of 3.8 m s<sup>-1</sup>, providing the most comprehensive and precise data set available for this star. Our data confirm the periodicity previously seen in the radial velocities. We derive a period of 589.7+/-3.5 days and, assuming a primary mass of 1.86 M<sub>solar</sub>, a minimum companion mass of 2.9+/-0.3M<sub>Jup</sub>, consistent with earlier determinations.


Valis- Exegisis (posted May 9th)

A 13 piece uniformed funk band named Cameo raided a Government building in 1984. Only 3 of them made it out alive, so they moved to Essex and renamed themselves Nitzer Ebb.


Dancefloor visitations

The tip of the needle at the end of the arm of 20jazzfunkgreats’ hard-working turntable works, when interfaced with a slab of vinyl, as a time machine. It is oft the case that the instructions embedded on such medium project us into scenarios yet to come, a solar system eschaton and overt dialogues with alien civilisations, man-machine symbiosis and cosmic conflagrations.

But it also works the other way around- Cambric chases across primeval forests and audiences with steam-age polymaths have been known to occur. This time, your ageing 20jazzfunkgreats disco dancer finds solace in the blurred spot where genealogical lines of funk converge, nocturnal detonations of solar energy set ablaze a dark jungle of shaking bodies.

It’s that time of the year.

With Malvoeaux’ (alas, no webhome) stunning ‘Targets’ we leap across the time-line of modern dance music like a hedonistic Jesus strutting jauntily across Galilean waters-it’s all contained in the bouncy force of nature which is this song: power funk loops and proto-high energy Arthur Russell quotes, user-driven Chicago tribalism and discerning Parisian homage.

Slip it on, close your eyes and step into a hub of interconnected throbbing zones populated by the ghosts of dancers past, they do that thing with their shoulders, they do that thing with their hips, clicking in perfect synch like an unselfconscious metronome, discharge of pheromones and sweat that kinesthetically become shadows of sound boosting up the levels, the best club that ever existed explodes inside your head.

The song finishes but its rumbling still echoes, a dormant pulse indicating your affiliation to a secret army, forever seeking the next collective high.

Malvoeaux- Targets

Included in the Targets 12 out in Confused House.

If above we stared into the face of the dance deity and were blinded by its searing eyes, now we descend into a basement where slow motion strobes of peach and steel reveal a zoetrope of gorgeous bodies frozen in statuesque poses of worship, longing and abstraction.

Beautiful Swimmers’ ‘Big Coast’ is the code after which this exhibition was curated- an armature of old-skool Afrocyborg paraphernalia accurately punctuated by channel hopping handclaps, the twist lies in the tempo: where one would have expected electroid induction, it is Jamaican rocking that ensues. Physical blur segues into sonic echo, our evasive dance across a ivory spiderweb reaches fever pitch within codeine parameters, capture and sacrifice to the voodoo loa whose symbols decorate the walls is unavoidable, and wilfully embraced.

Beautiful Swimmers- Big Coast

Big Coast is included in Beautiful Swimmer’s new 12, out in Future Times. We will be regaling you with a mixtape they have prepared this Saturday or the next. Watch this space.