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All made up and ready to go


The initial breakdown of this Marina and the Diamonds’ remix circa 2.15 might well be the most beautiful thing that Pink Stallone have come up with yet, and God knows they have been good kids and true purveyors of blissful 80s tinged top-class ‘dance with your make-up smudged by tears’ music since they came inside our radar less than a year ago. You can enjoy it at quite a few levels, right now as I write this I am revelling in the minutiae of little details accumulating in the background, pleasure sighs from electronic devices squeezed by loving hands which set the pastel-coloured scenario for yet another demonstration of greatness. These kids definitely got the right stuff.

Marina and the Diamonds- Obsessions (Pink Stallone Remix)


Let’s check what we have like we were John Rambo’s loving nemesis- trademark Cowley locomotion hi-energy styles, uplifting chorus re: that utopian discotheque where luminescent reflections in the glitter ball breed dancefloor stars swirling down below in a ground fertile soil for weird and beautiful flowers, and to top it all a killer collection of apoplexy inducing air-keytar riffs, which at 3.20 reach ecstatic heights not far below those of Do You Want to Dance with Me’s glorious coda. We have all we need it seems, let’s do it.

Patrick Cowley- Lift-Off


If you didn’t know this one then I am happy to introduce it to you, as Stuart did to me in the shape of a dog-eared 7” with suitably cheesy artwork (regretfully not the one with the cat driving a car, but hey, you can’t have it all). Doctor’s Cat’s ‘Watch Out’ is a definitive italo hit,  mythical theme tune for a gang of gay bravos to engage in some proper dancefloor hustling in the oversaturated celluloid of an imagined Warriors Z-series rip-off, and perfect soundtrack for a bout of hedonistic shadowboxing that will help you overcome all adversities.

Doctor’s Cat- Watch Out