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El Sentimiento Internacional

Featuring : Mazes

We were having a chat with Dave about how we seem to be into very few bands that sound human nowadays. Most of the stuff we listen to sounds as if it had arrived from a dimension inhabited by complicated bipeds that resemble humans, but aren’t quite it.

These ‘off-worlders’ have experienced, at the very least, some subtle rearrangements in their genetic and cultural parameters that bend and twist the psycho-sonic conduit they use to connect with us. As a result, the feelings and emotions conveyed by this conduit are sent to wander lost in the inhospitable lands of the Uncanny Valley. Things get weird.

This weirdness, which initially is unsettling, soon becomes addictive. After a while, it starts making ‘human music’ feel a bit boring by comparison. There isn’t enough new information or scope for misinterpretation in it. We move to the Uncanny Valley, and start to go native.

When someone in the normal world asks us ‘what music we like’, say, at a dinner party, we struggle in a really serious way.

“Weird, you say? Like, Kasabian weird?”

[A stealthy execution move ensues, we run into the night cackling, leaving our beloved-es to clean up the bloody mess]

But then, and perversely, what was ‘weird’ becomes the new normal, and in some cases, the new predictable and boring. We discover that weirdness is always wherever it is that we are not. We long for mankind. There are solutions for this ‘warm turkey’ problem.

A long weekend in the Countryside. A folk detox.

Or listening to songs like Mazes’ ‘Bodies’.

For this song is a bridge.

Further from us, the land of the human. Bodies whose chaotic transit is mapped with the perspicacity of, say, Colin Newman – or Laetitia Sadier.

But also a will to transcend, and the power to do so, materialised in a fierce vector of motorik repetition, and a shimmering vortex of guitar melody. There are important echoes here – episodes of levitation in the Feelies’ Crazy Rhythms, Television’s graffiti of the celestial map over New York’s polluted vault, at least two W-bands’ summoning Rother & Dinger into some unholy bad-land/spider-land, Sonic Youth, always.

This is our kind of humanity, and Mazes are its champions.

Mazes – Bodies

Bodies is included in a cassette that will be on sale during Mazes’ tour. The B-Side is a remix by Leeds’ psych monsters Hookworms.

Don’t miss out:

Tuesday 23rd October – Oxford O2 Academy*

Wednesday 24th October –  Norwich – Waterfront*

Thursday 25th October – Liverpool O2 Academy*

Friday 26th October – Manchester Apollo*

Sunday 28th October – Edinburgh Picture House (Haddow fest)*

Monday 29th October –  Newcastle O2 Academy*

Tuesday 30th October – Sheffield O2 Academy*

Thursday 1st November – Leicester O2 Academy*


The City States of the Mind


As your mind struggles to deal with the philosophical horrors of the singularity, a tree sprouts into view in front of you.  Of Knowledge or Of Life you’re not quite sure, distracted as you are by your synthesised neurones firing off faster than your consciousness can handle.

Diego Garcia – Marcha Albionica

Omar Souleyman – Yagbuni

William Onyeabor – Good Name

Your mind — now massively parallelised between various secret inter-continental locations —  is breaking down in much the same way that a cartoon car does at high speed.  Certain parts are tearing themselves away from your conscious while all the time more trees appear.  And is that a mountain range?

A mystic appears just as your memory of school (aged 13-16) is overwritten by a swap file for the Gutenberg Archives.

“My apologies,” says the mystic, “we weren’t quite prepared for the affect this whole process would have…on your reality…do you see?”

You stare blankly at him/her as you assimilate Sumerian and all recorded material on John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez — at the cost of your ability to regulate your heartbeat.  You didn’t need that anyway.

Mazes – Bodies

Slackk – Silk Robe

“We have made for you this place.”

The trees have formed a forest and the sky is being textured.  The lighting on the mountains still isn’t quite right but the way it currently filters through the leaves is quite beautiful.

Fielded – Eve of a New Moon
“You must wait here.  I will return once we have decided what to do.”

Your feet touch down on the cool damp grass.  Before you is a large stone worn flat.  Atop the stone is a goblet containing what looks like mead.  A few meters behind this is an imposing stone wall.  Set into this wall are a pair of enormous iron gates.

Not Waving – Battle Mountain

Seance Centre – Zatopek

You drink the mead, go here.

You walk through the gates, go here.

2013 References

Illustration by Ricardo Garbini for JLB’s The Circular Ruins which is totally about a rampant AI with amnesia.
Finally, three of our favourite groupings of music people got together to put out this:
Click the names to buy the music: Diego García, Omar Souleyman, William Onyeabor, Mazes, Slackk, Fielded, Not Waving, Seance centre.

Never say DIE

Featuring : cough cool, Mayyors + Mazes


A monster roams the streets of Sacramento, you need not worry much, because it is not primarily the tender flesh of teenagers or the sour spleen of caffeine pumped policemen that it craves, nay, this beast of brutal muscle and solid shadow feeds on broken glasses and abandoned tires, and drinks from rancid pools of carburettor liquid, its burps send empty shopping bags into the air like geometrical flowers blooming across the empty expanses of the DIY store’s parking lot, the mangled traffic signal you see on your way to school is not the hapless victim of a drunken reveller of unsteady hands behind the steering wheel, but the last bite of reality this beast took before the sun raised in the horizon vanquishing it to a cave in the outskirts of the city.

But the plot thickens curious children, if you were to investigate the habits of our object of analysis, say, for example, track it from a safe distance as it prowls the neighbourhood, you would see it tends to gravitate towards those houses from which music comes out the loudest, and gnarliest, those houses where anonymous youngsters rant and rave, and put the family heirlooms at risk with their frenzied antics and feverish dances, see it standing there, just outside the perimeter of yellow light, growing and pulsating like a leech digging deep into Conan the Barbarian’s concrete thigh while the drone buzzes louder and louder, reaching a manic pitch which makes you suspect some maniac has crashed the party to exterminate its participants with a kerosene-powered double handed chain-axe. And then you realise the nature of this creature’s biological cycle, how it feeds on the primeval ruckus these energetic punk rock Neanderthals create in their underground caves, how the crimson forces they summon in their inadvertent rituals energise it and send it in the next bout of chaos and destruction.

Yesterday we had to walk to school because the yellow bus had been grabbed from its garage, chewed and spit in the middle of the road. Some kids in the know say that the Mayyor’s show at Luigi’s fungarden was rad.

Mayyors- The Crawl

This tune is taken from Mayyors’ rather sold out Deads 12. We’ll leave it at Fucking Hell.


You can use a bowie knife to cleave flesh and bone, to scratch crosses on the walls of your house or to dig out a .38 slug trapped somewhere in between your lungs and your heart, to sharpen punji sticks essential ingredient of a lethal trap, or reflect the light of the sun to send messages in a secret code, you can use a bowie knife to raise a plank of wood on the floor of a derelict cabin under which lies a stash of 70s porno mags, to stroke smooth and milky flesh straddling the tantalising boundaries between sex and death, and to chop the sleeves of an old Trasher t-shirt, also to screw the bolts of the hinges of a door kicked down during a night you can’t remember, you can nail it in the ground to mark a line that no-one should dare cross, and can whistle down its wicked edge to create an eerie melody in the middle night, you can use it for many things, but whenever you use it, it means things got real. In the meanwhile, it lies inside its leather sheath, wrapped in a greasy cloth under a stained mattress in your damp bedroom.

Mazes just took out the Bowie Knife. They are the second release on most excelsior Sex is Disgusting, which as you know is run by our two comrades Andy and James. They make mutilated pop of the highest order, a bit like Big Star after falling inside Dario Argento’s pool of barbed wire, from which they emerge covered in gore, yet smiling. They are awesome and you need to make sure you get a copy by ordering via [email protected] before the stock runs out. There.

Mazes- Bowie Knife


It’s all going to end one day, black tears and brown water, the wreck of cars littering streets covered in toxic smoke, it will be like Cloverfield sans the annoying lifestyles, we never know what hit us but what hit us hit us hard, you will see people staring into the sky with ashen faces, hurriedly pushing supermarket trolleys full of food and bottled water towards their refuges, or staring at dead mobile phones with crushed numbness, a monstrous growl echoes in the distance to send them scurrying into the shadows like feeble roaches in God’s messy kitchen, beware, there be hungry, cruelly playful cats here.

And as the apocalypse unfolds, Cough Cool will smile from his vantage point at the top of a collapsing skyscraper, surrounded by a coterie of crows as he intones songs of dirge and doom, mighty vibrations that send the pillars of smoke flying into bizarre shapes, hallucinations of grimacing faces and twitching tentacles. Cheer up kid, at least now you know you’ve got something to look forward to in that day when it all ends.

Cough Cool- Roxette

Cough Cool is taking over the world soon, there is a tape coming out in Bathetic records for beginners.



As a mindblowing bonus, we leave you with a joyous party mixtape that comrades in arms  Foot Village have put together for us. Crashing through the walls of clouds with impervious energy, that’s always their steez.

Foot Village: Summer 09 Picnic Party in the Green Hills of Foot Village

We are so there!!!!


Lord Groovy & the Psychodelic Zombiez- Nuclear Power
Food for Animals- Summer Jam – (Ricky Rabbit Remix)
Freek- Vivid Imagination
Anavan- The Perfect Sound
Trilambs- Parker Posey
GZA- Crash Your Crew (featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard)
Bill Hicks- Summer Trip
Amanda Lear- Rockin Rollin (I Hear Your Nagging)
Fuck Buttons- Sweet Love For Planet Earth
Ratiocination- Shake Your Booty –
Rainbow Sugar- World Most Exciting Ride
Various Artists- Kuno & the Marihuana Brass, Marihuana Mantra
Frida Sonko- Gwenasobya
Statik-5- Follow Your Dream