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Smashing Glass

Featuring : Michele Mercure

Our love affair with RVNG and their multifarious offshoots and collaborators continues undimmed.  This week it’s Michelle Mercure and a collection of her cassettes released between 1983-1990, titled Beside Herself.

On An Accident Waiting to Happen, Mercure channels her inner JG Ballard; creating an industrial groove from the sounds of screeching tyres and smashing glass.  It’s the apocalyptic twin of Kraftwerk’s Autobahn utopia.  

Seemingly the missing link between the sleek German electronic minimalism and abrasive Industrial, it quickly morphs into something more overwhelming.  Something not unlike the always disturbing dance music that Severed Heads were busy pumping into the collective unconscious.  Here it’s a pitch bent synth solo that parachutes in halfway through, like LA in the 80s trying to burst through the thick European walls.

Michelle Mercure – An Accident Waiting To Happen

Beside Herself is out on Freedom to Spend on 9th November and you can pre-order it right here.

We also have a bonus 20JFVid for An Accident Waiting to Happen.  Directed by Meredith Lawder it’s a stock footage and static assault of eyebleeding NTSC colo(u)r.


Black Materia

Featuring : Michele Mercure


20JFG, forever on the pulse of popular music, today brings you a record from 1983, that was reissue at the start of February.  Aren’t we glad those breakneck blog-house years are behind us…

But our avant approach to release dates and responding to emails seems in keeping with today’s slice of early 80s synth-age.

In the Air begins like a suitably mystical moment on the Final Fantasy 7 OST, contemplative and peaceful (you just know someone’s about to die).  Before a far more towering series of synth chords interrupt the dancing, arpeggiated  shafts of light.  These moments recur: attempts to shape the formless; attempts to add urgency to an eternal crystalline structure.  But no amount of drumming and uplifting synth stabs can alter the pace of this essential, looping beauty.

Michele Mercure – In The Air

In the Air is taken from Michele Mecure’s phenomenal record, Eye Chant, which has been reissued by new label Freedom to Spend.  It’s out now and you can get it from RVNG right here or from all good internet and physical record stores.