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20th November 2012

Wandering Black Star


Mushy & Thread Pulls

Stranded, we gawk into the shadows of the Lair of the Minotaur. The only colour in this ruin is the ghostly glimmer of a golden chain we uncoil behind us, it connects us to the outside, or perhaps, across the millennia, to romantic audiences gawking into the shadows in the front-cover of a 4AD record,…

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29th December 2011

Best of 2011, part IV: Is it 2012 yet?

The list is the origin of culture. It’s part of the history of art and literature. What does culture want? To make infinity comprehensible. It also wants to create order — not always, but often. And how, as a human being, does one face infinity? How does one attempt to grasp the incomprehensible? Through lists,…

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21st February 2011

The Blasted Heath



The pit is a wormhole shield that conveys emotional energy into a frozen vacuum where it floats in stasis like the discoloured specimens of a crippled race. The pendulum is the razor-sharp condensation of molten dreams flowing inky from the alcove at the pinnacle of the witch house.  Mushy brandishes both weapons deftly, deviant chanteuse…

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