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Sideways between the Future & The Past

Featuring : Nao Katafuchi

We are graced again by one of those press releases that perfectly describes the music it heralds, and in doing so, hurls us down the velodrome of dreams. It concerns Yumegoto, by Nao Katafuchi:

 This musical combination created a new wave cyberpop atmosphere that would not be out of place in a bar in Liquid Sky, Blade Runner, or Total Recall. Trashy Japanese retro-future pop out of New york City!*

Well, hello there, you fugitive of the consensual hallucination connecting the nodes of the 20Jazzfunkgreats neural network, you, come back here.

But how will you come back, trapped as you are in an infinite loop of reflections in the mirrored walls of the Gentleman Loser?

How will you come back, when it is not just you dropping into the projected distance like Max Renn in that Videodrome icon, it is you entangled with romantic memories resurfaced in Her heavily mascaraed eyes, another window among many, in this hall of replicants?

If you will not come back, we will hunt for you. You will run, our mechanical hound hot on your heels, into a cul de sac, yet foil it, spill into the shadows.

We will never see you again, but you will haunt the fringes of our reality, a Kaiser Sozse-like Phantom skipping through the patchwork of bootleg cassette covers lining Far-Eastern street markets.

Spying us through the air-brushed eyes of pop stars with which teenage walls are pierced.

You will be the supernatural force possessing the drunken salary-man at the Karaoke bar, making him go wild and bleed modern love from that stage. Second-hand songs, more reflections.

Our detectives will inspect the crime scene, to no avail. We will examine the evidence thus unearthed: A pair of dancing shoes, glitter, and a song.

Echoes of you, swirling in the wind.

Nao Katafuchi – Hidden In Your Eyes

Yumegoto is coming out soon in WT Records. Until then, you can check some streams there and at Nao’s page here.


* Written by William T Burnett aka Speculator.