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The Rats in the Walls

Featuring : oOoOO + Terror Bird

Terror Bird’s ‘Shadows in the Halls’ lends itself to a couple of different interpretations. On the one hand, it could be a lovely portrayal of the way in which sharing your bed can work to assuage the terrors which flow and ebb in the night when it is at its darkest, evil poison oozing from jaws agape, forever frustrated by the inviolable force-field of love irradiating from two together. On the other hand, it might be that it is those terrors that are themselves born and bred in the wasteland of insomnia which spreads under the storm clouds of doubt as one sleeps and the other frets. It could be both things…life is complicated, ‘Shadows in the Halls’ seems to finish with a question mark.

No matter what, it is a wonderful electro-pop oddity full of lovely 80s chimes, gliding synths and, of course, the voice Nikki Nevver turned into duo and soaring, expanding strong enough to vanquish into oblivion any shadowy succubi that might try to crawl up the stairs.

Terror Bird- Shadows in the Halls

This is included in an album soon to be released by french wiz kids LA Station Radar. Good things come in pairs: They are also putting out an album in Night People/Adagio 830. They are currently booking a tour over Europe in June and July, if you have any ideas about cool places they could play, drop them a line here: myterrorbird at

oOoOO, perchance ruling monarchs of that province that some call ‘drag’, where emotions ooze slow and twisted, and blood spills thick like cough syrup, thrill us once again, this time with ‘NoShore’, a Lynchian murder ballad which advances across undead cowboy country like a spiritual storm of smudged contour, projecting lightning bolts of pure black and a hail of tears. Slowed down vocal effects and a bassline which is the echo of thunders rumbling distant in the vaults of the afterlife, pummelling rhythm like the steps of a funereal procession engulf us into a space of hallucinated mourning.

This is the sad song that ghosts sing when one of them fades away into a blinding life, birthed into life. You can’t win.

oOoOO- NoShore

NoShore is included in Dark as Night, a super-limited cassette compilation which the psychic dudes at Bathetic have just released. It also features music by S U R V I V E, SLEEP ∞ OVER and Terminal Twlight, all bands which we love. Go get.

Hide Wit Me

Balam Acab, like Salem and oOoOO (who included a Balam Acab song in their XXJFG mix below), traverse the same shadowy territories that seem at once sensual and unnerving. While Salem continue to burrow further and further into their crunk cave, saturating themselves in the sounds of an increasingly nightmarish parallel universe Hot 97, and oOoOO conjure up perfect pop emanations out of hazy witch house dreams, Balam Acab creates something akin to Burial being slowly drowned in an ocean of drone, a cybernetic limbo haunted by distant machine moans, those trademark ghostly digi-diva vocals positively lost in another world all together. Based on all that we’ve heard so far we have no doubt Balam Acab’s music will become something of a spectre in our day to day lives this year.

*This track is temporarily unavailable.*

Our good friend and kindred spirit George Quartz has been working away at his awesome new EP of deranged gigolo-bot nu wave, Ruf Reliks #1, which you can now download for free over at his blog La Maladie Tropicale. Awash in hi-octane industrial goth beats and Tomorrow’s World, crooner pomp, had it been released over 20 years ago it would have slotted in perfectly with one of the many futureworld funk experimentations Crammed Discs specialized in, which is obviously high praise indeed. As a taster of what to expect from Ruf Reliks, Cotton Coffin is the kind of reptilian doom funk Prince might have jammed out had he overdosed on David Byrne records and put a little more Sodom and Gomorrah into his “1999” step.

George Quartz – Cotton Coffin

Also be sure to take a look at the man’s acid damaged porn video for “Butterscotch” created by the quite rad DESTROY.HOT.ACTION., which definitely falls into the sensual/unnerving territory we mentioned before. Watching it is kinda like imagining what Playboy might look like if Ariel Pink was up in there and running things.

George Quartz – Butterscotch from The Sibyl on Vimeo.

Finally, oOoOO, the creator of some intensely good nightcrawler jams and a firm favourite of ours, recently sent 20 Jazz Funk Greats an exclusively made mix which we’re now more than a little happy to be able to share with the wider world. So go sit in the cupboard under the stairs, light some candles, and absorb the sounds of creeped out, decaying booty bounce colliding horribly (meaning wonderfully) with dusky, drug drip teengirl balladry, slinky necronomi-pop rhythms, and backwater freak outs.



1 oOoOO – mumbai
2 BrowngirlBlackhare – Inanition
3 Nipslip – My Baddest
4 MNDR – Do It Sandwich Time
5 DJ D-Wizz – Clap It
6 DJ Fela – Take Me To Yo Stash
7 Johnny Woods – ?
8 Little Peggy March – Wind Up Doll
9 The Tammys – Gypsy
10 Actually Huizenga – Marquis de Sade (Blazing Lazer remix)
11 Balam Acab – See Birds
12 John Frusciante – A Fall Thru the Ground
13 Linda Perhacs – If You Were My Man (Demo)
14 Twin Powers – Alex
15 Julia Holter – Willow Weep

Standing in the shoulders of Demons

Featuring : Kid Wizard + oOoOO

oOoOO are one of the not-so-best-kept secret soundtracks of much treading across mountains of madness in the white fields of the 20jazzfunkgreats confabulation. They were extensively featured in Salem’s Wemakeitgood mixtape, and in our own little special send-off to 2009. Every other blog is writing about them. They are so hot right now. Not hard to figure out why.

Because as you step into the secret parish where dark pacts are forged somewhere in the no man’s land between El Adobe and Santa Teresa, you will walk past a beautiful mural of the Virgin Mary illuminated in a position of ecstasy, perfect face framed in a shroud of ruby fabric. Examine her features more closely when the beacon of evil omen standing at the altar which is your destination sends its stroboscopic pulse of codeine light down the tunnel. Because there is something subtly wrong with this portrait.

As the drone of blood pumping across your arteries raises in pitch, you realise aghast that she is blinking an eye at you in wicked anticipation, mother of pearl teeth shine liquid in an enigmatic smile which means murder as much as it means salvation.

Like the Knife, Salem or Glass Candy, oOoOO stand at the strange crossroads between sanctity and sex. We can’t wait to see where they go next.

oOoOO- Sedsumting

oOoOO are making us a mixtape one of these days. Get ready.

And we are loving Roberto Bolaño’s 2666 by the way.

Picture our Lotek hero, archetypical figure of existential daring best exemplified by the Warrior on the edge of time in the glorious front-cover of Hawkwind’s selfsame album. Picture him preparing for his long trip from Vigrid to Paradise Island, down the scorched highways of Route 666. In his path stand vigilant and at the ready Archons that brandish trumpets of angelic metal encrusted with diamonds, colossal cherubs armed with battle hammers, and a golem which reconfigures itself into a myriad beasts like a zealous version of Demon’s Seed Proteus.

Cue the classic scene where our Lotek hero arranges his psychedelic weaponry like John Matrix before dropping down with numb fury into an emerald island infested with moustached mercenaries.

No AK-47 in his bag, and if it were, it would be loaded not with cruel looking bullet of 7.62mm, but with vicious spells of Umbran magic.

No fragmentation grenades hanging from his chest, and if they did, they would explode not with a shocking burst of incandescent shrapnel, but into magenta fields of bewitching glamour.

But we can’t tell you about the secret of his kosmische weapons, because if we did we would have to kill you. The only thing we can say is that a tie-dyed headband is tightly wrapped around his forehead, and that Kid Wizard are blasting from his walkman.

Kid Wizard- Infinite Planes Radiating Outward from the Brilliant Inner Orb

You can listen to some more Kid Wizard stuff at the Hidden Fortress Tapes Blog.

And we are loving Bayonetta, by the way.