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What Lime said.

Featuring : Ancien Régime + Pan Faelk


Ancien Régime’s music arrives to us as if through vast expanses of space and time, faded by cosmic dust, purified by the Sun’s radiation. Turn the volume up, it expands sideways and engulfs you with the maximum bandwidth of a desperate dream.

It is as if it had been birthed in an arid moon where the material of which songs are made was scarce, the exiled there few and far between, their emotions sharper and more resonant.

As if its arrangement had been an odyssey of scavenging for metal in a deadly desert. Traversing labyrinthine bureaucracies for the electronics. Bartering food for faded souvenirs from far-away Earth. And of course, harvesting the sensations which become feelings and then the memories where its songs grow.

Memories of dancing through times of famine, falling in love under a plague of locusts.

Ancien Regime – The Incident

You can buy Ancien Régime’s The Position from our friends at Mannequin Label. The vinyl edition is being released on the 11th of February. There are only 300 copies available and it looks really pretty, so you better stay sharp.


Meanwhile, Pan Faelk cruise through the empirical proof of the theory of relativity. To wit, the bubble-gum-like elasticity of time spent trying to connect telephonically with a recent romantic or sexual interest, and failing to do so for unexplained reasons.

This issue was similarly explored by Blondie and, less famously, but also awesomely, Y Pants in their wonderful Rolling Stones cover, ‘Off the Hook’.

But whereas those two adopted a pro-active stance towards the situation (they were calling), Pan Faelk wait, and in this expanding space of expectation, a phantasmagorical dance ensues, with a blend of ritualistic intensity, funky nonchalance & the dada perversity of an Add(n) to (x)  aerobic exercise.

We actually don’t think they want to receive that call.

Oh, and we are hooked.

Pan Faelk – Waiting for

You can access the other side from My Own Private Records.