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20jazzfunkgreats best of 2010: The Atlantidan Metaphysical Circus

Lo and behold the starwanderers as they continue their ramblings inside a box of black space lined with gold thread, chronological boundary for the holy year that was 2010. Here we report the risky explorations that over this  period tore asunder the walls of reality to fetch from the amorphous manifold beyond nutritious morsels of quantum pop which which we watered our garden and fed the livestock. Such were the strange flowers that grew thereafter, and the ancient tongues with which our beasts proclaimed.

Ariel Pink and his Haunted Graffiti: Before Today. News at 11. Pop prophet transforms utopian fish into crumbling DIY bread, masses flock  to worship at his bedroom temple.

Ariel Pink & His Haunted Graffiti- Fright Nights (Nevermore) (Posted on April 21)


Arp – The Soft Wave.  Cluster and Eno and Rilley and Georgopoulos.  Ringside seats in an amphitheatre at the edge of time.

Arp – Pastoral Symphony: I. Dominoes II. Infinity Room (posted September 3rd)


Arp and Anthony Moore: FRKWYS Vol. 3. Lullabies for wide-eyed children destined for polymathematic stardom.

Arp and Anthony Moore- Spinette (posted on April the 5th)


CFCF: The River. Mies Van der Rohe built an exquisite Canal de Amazonia to make Fitzcarraldo’s job easier.

CFCF- The River (Piano Version) (Posted November the 8th)


Delia Gonzales & Gavin Russom – Track 5.  In everyone’s life there’s one album that has a disproportionate pull on you.  Something that, ‘objectively’ is very good, but which has an almost supernatural hold on you above and beyond that. An album which can evoke pure moments of transcendent bliss.  Imagine if, after five years a missing piece was released.

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom – Track 5 (New Post)


Hounds of Hate: Head Anthem. Organic ghost machine music that circles the sleeping victim like a shadow pygmy tribe armed with ancient spells of compelling abstraction.

Hounds of Hate- Purple Stuff (Posted November the 2nd)


Hunx and his Punx: Gay Singles. Nuggetbagging, rather than teabagging. John Waters would be proud.

Hunx and his Punx- U Don’t Like Rock and Roll (New Post)


Hype Williams: Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite and Start Getting Reel.

Perchance the last addition to these terminal celebrations, and a timely one. Hype Williams have animated 20jazzfunkgreats séances with feeric liquors over which glide pixies imported from Chicago and Kingston, shouting their wares in a cloud of voodoo tags. Their gift is a graphic novel of panels that blur in Steranko fever. Sade drowns in an ocean of pavement syrup, while the chaotic transmissions of a thousand pirate radios converge in the neon sky above, like a Batman sign for much darker heroes

Hype Williams- The Throning (new post)


International Feel: The Coptic Sun.That apocryphal chapter of Invisible Cities that Italo Calvino wrote under the influence of a particularly strong strain of Peyote, or the destination point of Conan’s pilgrimage if Thulsa Doom was only a conduit into the psychedelic stargate, rather than a dirty reptilian worshipper.

International Feel: The Coptic Sun (Posted September the 30th)


Male Bonding: Nothing Hurts. Mixtape fodder for teenage punk heroes.

Male Bonding- Weird Feelings (new post)


Mi Ami: Steal your Face. A growing crescendo calling out across decades of electric guitars, rusting in the salt heavy sea air.

Mi Ami- Dreamers (Posted April the 9th)


Paul Rosales: Wonder Wheel I.  ‘Crimes’ is exactly the sort of thing we wanna hear when we’re selling out, its unselfconsciously wrought unplanned energy is our 20 inch rims, its atonality is our leather dashboard which we caress whilst cruising illicit streets to do deals with shadowy figures who hand us parcels full of the highest grade low fidelity shit which we now sell to you at the vastly inflated price of £0

Paul Rosales- Crimes (Posted July the 8th)


Plug: S/T. This is our minimal wave. DIY electro-pop to take over your life.

Plug- Don’t Forget It (New Post)


Pocahaunted: Make it Real. Block rocking beats that Big Daddy Kane could have freestyled over as delivered by the Shaggs’ feral skull faced reverse.

Pocahaunted- Make it Real (posted May 17)


Skeletal System – s/t & Small Talk.  This is our dream-pop: full of watery ill defined shapes and haunted guitar lines.  Will surely be placing highly on Peel’s Festive Netherworld 50.

Skeletal System – Dialogue (posted April 23rd)


VA: Deutsche Elektronische Musik. The sounds that rebuilt Germany, and built us.

Gila- This Morning (Posted May 11)


As a bonus, we leave you with Harrison Owen’s video for Excepter’s Anastasia, included in The Late EP in Woodsist, riding the razor edge between sex and violence in the best tradition of the Psychoterrorist squad that taught us all, and the most fucked up of all transcendental meditators (circa Nadja, and pumped on colour).

We wish you a twisted transition across the no-man’s land between Christmas and the end of the Year, we shall be waiting for you on the other side.

20 Jazz Funk Dates (part 2)

Things have been pretty quiet in the 20 Jazz Funk Dates office since we launched a few weeks ago. The phone rings never with the silence of a firing squad’s post-coital epitaph, and our inbox is deader than the crims they just shot. What’s wrong with people these days? Is everyone shacked up already? Were the hotties on offer just not smokin’ enough? Some of those girls are on 60 a day – what more do these dudes want, a personality?


Fearing an old skool lynching by the shareholders (now common practice in these days of recession) we recruited the best business analyst money can buy. He told us that if we want to make our web 2.7 startup a success will need some fancy new apps and features that one else has even got yet. We then typed ‘improve web 2.7 startup business’ into Google and the top search result was ‘build some fancy new apps and features that one else has even got yet’, which we read as we opened the invoice from our business analyst for £10,000. You live and learn.

So we set to work. After several rides around the office on our fold-up scooters, we came up with a whole host of upgrades which are sure to make your single lives just that little bit easier. New features include CheckM8 – an app which uses updated S.O.N.A.R technologies to detect and quantify incoming levels of being checked out, by indiviuals in a given radius. Kiss goodbye to embarrassing knock-backs! Next we have B-R Goggles, an Augmented Reality app for iPhone which will help improve your date’s overall look, should it turn out they are not your taste. And lastly, the CheckM8 app would be useless without some killer opening lines, so we present to you the IceBr8ker chip – a brain implant that constantly receives hot chat up line ideas from our chirps Satellite. The on board hard drive currently contains up to 100 classy lines which are all guaranteed to be SITF (slap-in-the-face) free.

But of course, there was one major blunder that was staring us right in the face the whole time (and possibly hitting on us according to our CheckM8 app). We were only catering to one sex and therefore only 50% of the market! So here it is. Ladies! as promised here are just some of the macho studmuffins potentially rippling their way out of our databanks and into your lonely lives. As ever, our newly rebuilt pop-picking algorithm A.L.A.N will be selecting the cuts that will help you make the cut with each potential candidate of the heart. In a further system upgrade we have given him the personality of Calum Best, and the voice of Jude Law.

They are sure to give us that hundred grand when we go on Dragon’s Den now.

Meet 1001010010, he’s 00110 years old and works as a security guard, protecting Michael Davenport of Romford’s computer from Spyware. On the side he does a bit of modelling, sometimes posing for clip-art stock photos designed to represent ‘the internet’. At the weekends he likes to switch it up and kicks back in hexidecimal, having a few games of 001H with his 2D4A, or maybe a kick-about at the 55D1.

Let’s see what A.L.A.N (the only computer program that smells of Hugo Boss aftershave) has to offer as his tip for guarenteed back-to-yours seduction. This one is kind of cheating for A.L.A.N, as he drinks down the 986T with him.

Bruce Haack – Stand up Lazaras

Bruce Haack. Electric soothsayer of bedroom wonksong that now surrounds us as all the rages. Eternal 20jfg reference point but never-a-featured in his own right. Bruce Haack. Harbinger of things to come, yet consistent out-shiner of many of the things that did. Bruce Haack. Weaver of ambiguous narrative structures that get better every time. Bruce Haack. What a guy.

In honour of the wonderous talkbox comp that came out recently via those purveyors of finest hip-hop follies Stone’s Throw, (and 20jfg’s all new return to the source policy), we pay our own respects to count Haackula. And upon a revisitation to ‘Stand up Lazarus’ we find traces of Haack in new places in our mind, in our record collections and in our imaginations. The lyrics to this song being better than anything we could write in response to describe it.

Meet CK-B. CK-B’s story is a sad one, so please only get in touch if you’re serious about dating him. Pictured here with his ex-wife, CK-B was the flagship device of the British Goverment’s cybernetic research program. The closest they had, or will come to recreating the look and personality of a human being. CK-B was alive. Or at least he was until they cut his funding to bail out the chairman of British Gas after he lost his cash card. This was 5 years ago. His wife has remarried. He is currently de-activated in a cupboard in Salisbury. A tricky one, but A.L.A.N what have you got for us?

Paul A Rosales – When You Call

So we heard that lo-fi music is all the rage these days. But really any scenario where Tascam adventurers are enabled to go a bit further into the magnetic fields of their own devising is perfectly fine by us. Since we introduced you to the Wonder Wheel of Paul Rosales also a few weeks ago, we have been inundated with a flurry of his other works including videos, more and most notably a compilation of of other bands he’s produced including Dash Jacket and Pearl Harbour (free to d/l from here).

‘When You Call’ is the beauteous schizoid trash-ballad that leads our weary aged mind into a rain soaked tale of FM synthesis youth. A cut that didn’t quite make it to the Wonder Wheel album (which is frikking awesome BTW) it is our collective present to you right now.

Check out the WW blog for more PAR news.

Living with Hyperbole

An appeal.

As many people who work in ‘the biz’ will know, press releases are full of half-truths and exaggeration. In some countries it is actually law that an official press release should contain at least 60% bullshit, and many States have now set up Government funded watchdogs to ensure that these fallicentric dockets represent artists’ work or careers with all the realism of a Matthew Barney film. The British department is located in a grey town, somewhere on a drab industrial estate, on the most tepid floor of a jaded office block. There, upon a depressive swivel sits a deflated hump, a dissolving presence which once bore a resemblance to the definition of a man.

His name is Mr. Albert R Tasteamacher. Years of rewriting fact into rabidly fantastical overstatement have rendered his hands into Goyaesque lumps of modernist bone structure, his eyes now vacant pinpricks, broadcasting emptyness like the dying gasps of a cathode ray tube.  Eternal decades of compulsory embellishment have driven his once youthful and lucid mind into a soggy ditch of permanent linguistic garnish, where the tyres of his sanity spin frictionless in the mud.

Mealtimes in the Tasteamacher household are at best, an ordeal. It was the usual scene at this morning’s breakfast in his drab suburban yawnpit, his long suffering wife Elsa prepares while Albert sits, rocking, staring at the wall with the whispered voice of Edward Bernays liasing internally with his inner monologue. Staring considerately into the open fridge she asks her husband

“What would you like on your toast this morning Alb, Jam or Marmalade?”

Albert’s rodent eyes light up and he springs into action.

“Jam please! Have you heard about Jam? It’s already shaping up to be one of THE preserves of 2010 and has already been featured on the likes of toast, cakes, scones and yoghurt!”

Elsa sighs.

“Albert, we need to talk.” She begins to cry. “I don’t know who you are anymore, I feel like you don’t love me……”

Albert interjects

“I Feel Like You Don’t Love Me’ is the hotly tipped new comment from Elsa Tasteamacher and is highly anticipated to be completely ignored by husband. Recorded over breakfast in a semi-detached in Neasden, this heart wrenching new release from the lady who brought you such epic tearjerkers as ‘why don’t we talk anymore’ and ‘Albert, I’m leaving you’ is set to be as big in the clubs as it is on the radio…….”

Thousands of people like Elsa have to live with Hyperbole everyday. Some receive no help from family and friends and are forced to cope with this terrible disease alone. Hyperbolics can be cured but it is a long and arduous process. Can you help? You need not send money. All that we ask is that you take most things you read with a pinch of salt. If enough people do this then people like Albert will be out of a job and freed from Hyperbolic stasis for life. Together we can reunite Albert and Elsa and rid this world a world of a dreadful affliction.

Let’s begin now. Even though we’ve been co-opted by ‘the man’ their 0% stake wasn’t enough to cover our semi-annual budget deficit of £0. This means we had to foreclose on this quarter with a net profit of £0 which we will now have to use as equity to secure a loan of £0 in order to continue on the next quarter with a healthy margin of £0. What this means in practice is that we don’t have to send our reviews to Albert R Tasteamacher for proofing and editing just yet. But when the Modest Mouse CDs starting turning up in a Jiffy Bag (TM) with a gram of coke, we will let you know.

Paul A Rosales – Crimes

Someone else already posted because we’re slackerzzz. But we love this guy and we look forward to his album very much. Paul collaborates with R Stevie Moore dontchaknow. This leads us to wonder why we never posted RSM before so we will be writing this wrong in about 3 sentences time. ‘Crimes’ is exactly the sort of thing we wanna hear when we’re selling out, its unselfconsciously wrought unplanned energy is our 20 inch rims, its atonality is our leather dashboard which we caress whilst cruising illicit street to do deals with shadowy figures who hand us parcels full of the highest grade low fidelity shit which we now sell to you at the vastly inflated price of £0. Crimes 7 out now, Wonder Wheel 1 is out in a few weeks. Both on Care in the Community.

About 3 sentences ago we decided it was time for some R Stevie on 20jfg.

R Stevie Moore – I Wish I Could Sing

Is everyone familiar with RSM? Do we need to write about how influential this guy is? When 20jfg was 14 and learning the guitar we wish that we had known about R, perhaps our life would have taken a somewhat different direction. Maybe we would have realised at an earlier age that making music is only about the pure expression of one’s personality, and the rest is just a construct. With a back catalogue as full as Scrooge Mcduck’s money bins, we really should do an entire RSM feature soon. In any case, these short words pay are meant to pay as much homage as we can squeeze in today.

When we’re up in our Ivory Tower picking off peasants with our solid gold shotguns, we need to find something soothing to play in the background.

Hype Williams – Problem Chalice pt 4

Sometime ago we introduced you to vast creative empire of Hype Willams. Lucky enough to escape the curse of being tarred with the Drag/Chillwave/Whatever-Lazy-Journalists-Want-to-Come-up-With-Next brush, they finally have some waxes out. Problem Chalice 4 is taken from a 12′ out now on Carnivals and is frankly where it’s at for your resonant psychedelic-yacht-rock needs, an inexplicable vocal cast away across a sea of shimmering Sade pads. Just Blaze.

Oh and if you’re going to be in London this August, you could do a lot worse than visit their first solo show at Space gallery. We don’t pretend to know much about art, but this is big tings apparently.