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If we had to grant this year’s award for polymathematic capability as estimated using music variation & imagination indicators, Tech Honors would win. He is also up there as a front-runner (or forerunner, we quite enjoyed Halo 4, natch) for debut of the year not with one album, but two – first, Dinosaur on Fire’s utterly majestic Sleep Moon Voyage, which has varnished many a morning trip into the heart of darkness with flares of pixelated ecstasy, vivid like a epiphany delivered by Roberta Williams’ archangels.

And then the thing that brings us to you today, Peach & Plum’s ‘Archipelago 3.0’, which Tech describes as ‘a noise/synthpop album that abstractly tells the story of some idiot, bored at work, zoning in and out, daydreaming about being on a tropical vacation.

Where Dinosaur on Fire was an epic procedurally generated by a Godly algorithm, Peach & Plum has the Balearic wooziness of a cough syrup hallucination, interspaced by moments of joyous Dan Deacon-esque cell-shaded discovery (Link alighting one of the Islands of the Great Sea) & creeping paranoia  (the Aloha dance with which Link is welcomed turns into a weird whimsy with a Wicker Man/Twin Peaks flavour, as time goes out of joint and paradise is pierced by the buzzing invaders of inescapable reality.)

If it sounds like Philip K. Dick it is because it feels like Philip K. Dick, we saw his Obi Wan Kenobi like hologram at the beach earlier, lunging in a deck chair sipping on a kaleidoscopic Mai Tai, he winked his eye at us, he whispered a word, what, Ubik?

Peach and Plum – Cruise Controller

Go and get the rest from Bandcamp.