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Saturday mixtape : 20JFG Legends of tomorrow

Featuring : Podcast


It’s taken some work but we finally have what we need. The worst of the worst. There’s rumors, that some of them have… abilities. We have seen things.

We wanted to assemble a mixtape of the most dangerous people on the planet who we think can do some good. And if anything goes wrong we blame them, we have plausible deniability.

XXJFG – Legends of tomorrow mixtape

SATURDAY MIXTAPE: The Faked History of Böwlemmie

Featuring : Podcast


It is very sad that David Bowie and Ian Lemmy and Hans Gruber died this week. But MY GOD, I don’t think any of us ever need to hear Life On Mars or Ace of Spades again now do we?

As an antidote, here is a crate-digging mixtape venturing into the darkest recesses of Lemmy and Bowie’s careers – alternate versions, pre-fame playfulness, wrong turns, collaborations, side projects, unreleased stuff and weird experiments. And Silver Machine.

Because always Silver Machine.

Features The Rockin’ Vicars, The Riot Squad, Sam Gopal, The Spiders from Mars, Hawkwind, The Robert Calvert Band, Motörhead, Probot and more, but we drew the line at Tin Machine.

Because never Tin Machine.

XXJFG – The Faked History of Böwlemmie

Sadly that beautiful picture up-top turned out to be a fake. In real life, David Bowie was this lady:


Saturday Mixtape: Vactrol Park

Featuring : Podcast + Vactrol Park


Earlier this week, we were harried down the disturbing, tortuous lanes of Vactrol Park’s techno labyrinth.

Today, we see them expand the physical scope of the experience with a live bootleg they generated while practising for their show in Cafe OTO on the 11th of January 2016.

Home built modular synths effects and analogue drum machines spread like alien glyphs over the walls of an infinitely expanding, throbbing corridor where we are lost, and lost for words. Paraphrasing what Stephen King said about Peter Straub’s majestic Ghost Story:

“The sense of awe just mounts and mounts”

Vactrol Park – Live rehearsal bootleg 19 Nov 2015

Buy their first EP here, and get more information about the 11th January Cafe Oto show here.

20JFG Mixtape: Memes of the Witch House

Featuring : Podcast


The Fitbit keeps malfunctioning. Every morning when I get up, it tells me that I have walked several miles. Maybe it is all the thrashing about in bed. Yes, I haven’t been sleeping well. I feel tired and achy all the time.

Perhaps I should take it easier with my thesis, but it is hard. I feel that I am on the verge of a big breakthrough, I can’t stop now. The basic insight is simple: space noise isn’t just random. Rather, it is random but not because it doesn’t have an intelligent source. It is random because this intelligence is chaotic. I think I am pretty close to finding its location.

But the closer I get, the worse I sleep. The worse the dreams get. Viscous things thrashing in the darkness. An indescribable flotilla approaching. A rat grimacing at me with its wicked, deformed face. I think I have also seen it in my social media feed, I scroll back down but I can’t find it.

I should talk with my supervisor and perhaps take a break, but I’m so close, I’m so close. I gaze into the night sky and can almost glimpse a gate about to open. I listen to the space noise and I hear the beginning of an awful melody, a lullaby sung in a place far away, and so I fall asleep again, with a mixture of dread and anticipation.

Memes of the Witch House 20JFG Mixtape

Happy Halloween!