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cul de sac


Sudeten Creche’s Dance is the soundtrack for a Walter Hill opium nightmare, poisonous smoke and twisted mirrors and an almost unbearable feeling of foreboding, like peeking over the shoulder of a filthy raincoat as the hand slides into the pocket fingers blind animals twisting against the ebony handle of the switchblade, feeric lines twist from the four corners of the screen where you behold most voyeuristic and converge towards the pale and palpitating image of the inadvertent victim all white in its soon to be blood-soiled innocence a few metres away, synthesisers screech like brutal beasts crawling in the sewers below the concrete as this eerie tableaux advances towards its unavoidable conclusion. Minimal wave rules ok.

Sudeten Creche- Dance


Principles of Geometry’s remix of Poni Hoax’s the Paper Bride is the soundtrack for a Jan Hammer absinthe nightmare, like a carousel of grainy shadows spread across the opressive space of a derelict cul de sac where newspapers swirl to the pipes of a furious wind, a trembling advance  barely illuminated by a killer moon that stares from above like a hole torn in the blackness of the sky. Ominous footsteps approach from behind, the perspective shifts blurry and into the silouette advancing from behind, a storm incarnate, tails of a ragged trenchcoat rising in the air like raven wings, the silver glimmer of a switchblade and blood-shot eyes burrowing frantic in the rocky hillocks of an unforgiving face, pupils that expand like oil on water while a smooth voice utters slowly, ‘I am You’

Poni Hoax- The Symbionese Bride (Principles of Geometry Poni Hoax’s Paper Bride)

Photos by Felix Nadar

Fossil Music

We are not sure on the official release of this amazing new Nemesi 12″ via Relish. Its on iTunes, its been and gone on Juno and its expected on Picadilly. In any case check it out real quick kids cos its got the seal of approval from every warlock DJ and mixtape alchemist who isn’t afraid to slot in a 13 minute piece of epic star destroying kraut-funk – its the Prins Thomas Miks!

Nemesi – Jurassico (Prins Thomas Miks Del 1&2)

Pray silence for the coming of one of the 7 Kings…

Prins arrives in a time machine covered in blue flame, transmographying away from the jurassic period. He’s skipped across the remnants of the primordial soup and unearthed this amazing lost world Neu! instrumental seemingly remixed by the love child of Damo and Carl Craig. Hear how it undulates through the oceans of sounds like a Plesiosaur with a spinal column made of chrome, but then live drums hiss into the mix of thumps and echoing effects and its suddenly soaring over the jungle like a holographic Pterodactyl, snapped at by a rushing T-Rex thats lost in the K-hole.

We continue our seismic theme with the Principles of Geometry. With new LP “Lazare”, Principles record neanderthal cyborgs running through the forests of deepest darkest Canada, they’re circuits occasionally fizzling due to the snow blizzards tearing into they’re rusted joints. Expect more on this album right here in the very near future.

On new 12″, “A Mountain For President”, laser-sex crooner Sebastien Tellier purrs over electrokraut beats and sunrise-on-alien-planets synth effects. But its to one of the 7 Kings, French bastion of dark protoplasmic pop Joakim, that we turn to for a discopic journey to a world not our own.

Principles Of Geometry – A Mountain For President (Joakim Remix)

The remix opens with a sunrise of bubbling synth effects that quickly peaks above jagged motorik beats with warped time signatures. Into this blue and green landscape comes a heavily effected Sebastien, like the ghost of a robot, his reverberating voice spinning across the disco plains until the 8O’s techno eclipses the sun and looms like a shining shadow of negative energy dragging the planet into negative frozen space.

Check the new tres limited upfront Promo at Picadilly, be quick like the fox, bro!

People R Nice

One of the best things about running this joint is receiving an e-mail from one of our sweet pals with an amazing tune, going, I think you might like it, gosh knows we do! Or a nice CD in the post…Or just stumbling upon a band on the myspace and pressing play and being blown away by the sheer awesomeness coming out of the rose-tinted blue of hope with which we roam the damp basement of the edifice of modern music looking for surprises, and always finding them.

Music is shit these days? Like Patrick Swayze said, maybe you’re looking for love in all the wrong places buddy!

Max Tundra is one of our favouritest artists, nay, people in the world, a one-man intersection of talent, fun, wicked dance moves and crazy voices showing up in your house or party or stereo with a tesco carrier bag full of treats and getting it started like the wonderful wizard of prog colourful electronica pop he is, winter is coming and we’re going to need some nice melodies to keep warm, we shall keep Max (Ben) well close like some sort of aural musical simmering hearth powered by sugar-coated coal nuggets like this.

Max Tundra- A Truce

Where the melodies intertwine creating a crazy kaleidoscope which explodes into a flock of non-feral doves, to fly in the air, away from the harsh city streets into the distant rainbow. This tune is one of David Shrigley’s Worried Noodles (which also includes putting songs to Shrigley’s words people like Liars, Les Georges Leningrad and Phil Elverum amongst others, yarrr).

I could tell you how much I love this guy but then I would explode into a crazy collection of white and black exclamation marks, just check this out, it was on Lorrita’s myspace and stuff.

A parcel from whence the stamped naughty Tigersushi tiger grins coy is always bound to contain a nice surprise, and Principles of Geometry deliver on that promise with Lazare, just check out ‘A Mountain for President’, a perfect gem of melancholy space power balladry featuring none other than our beloved cosmic trovadour Sebastian Tellier who contributes vocals ethereal enough to be played while cruising the rings of Saturn on a neon starship with John Carpenter riding shotgun, the sun emerges around the smooth cyclopean sphere burning the darkness of space with an impression of smooth yet blinding beauty.

Principles of Geometry feat. Sebastian Tellier- A Mountain for President

The rest of the album is similarly awesome, particularly when it goes all Terry Riley Andomedan melodies and Jackson and His Computer Band glitched up the right side of chopped up legobeats epic riffarama, France keeps surprising us, salut!

Then for some glittering lo-fi indie post-punk treasures left on the wake of that music whirlwind Art for Spastics is, like the lovely phased out melody of Hey Buddy and the Pals’ ‘I Want My Hat’

Hey Buddy and the Pals- I Want My Hat

Creating a ring of fire inside which the kids with greasy hair, torn jeans and weird ideas can freak out in oblivious happiness as it all reaches a most excellent stuttering tumbling muchly yet never falling crescendo almost like a pegasus flying down from the starry sky to join the best party in the middle of the forests you ever had, like Eastern Art and good DIY, the imperfections of this tune only add to the wonderfulness of its sonic pattern, and it reminds us of fuzz drunk Siltbreeze stars Times New Viking, or Social Registry universe-smashing guitar stalwarts Blood on the Wall. Winner. Drop them a line and check out their aces demo.

Or lovely melodies such as those contained in the short and sweet minute and a half c for crayola 86 stomp of No Paws (No Lions)’ ‘I’ve always been content laughing and lying in the fields of banning’, angelic melodies raise once again pretty like fluttering eyelashes in a launderette romance, accompanied by the eternal teenage oscillation of happy/sad feelings perfectly rendered real by the plinking plonking melody of a toy piano on top of which diminutive replicas of Y Pants could have perfectly been having a pillow fight, we thank these awesome girls for bringing us memories of one of the best bands to ever be, this tune is the caring stuff that awesome zines, love letters and night telephone conversations are made of, and it doesn’t get any better than that, or does it.

No Paws (No Lions)- I’ve always been content laughing and lying in the fields of banning

No Paws (No Lions) say they haven’t recorded that much yet, we can’t wait to hear more.