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Informational Pagan Party

Featuring : 3rd Face, ooioo + prins thomas


You don’t step into OOIOO’s Gamel.

It engulfs you.

Like a swarm of psychic teens warping into the lounge or bedroom or public transport system or whatever geographical coordinates your physical body occupies, flipping the perceptual lights on and off at stroboscopic speeds and generating an REM effect or accelerating drone full of flashbacks like Eli Vance’s botched attempt to teleport Gordon Freeman for Black Mesa East, but faster, ravier, weirder.

And what is the substance of these flashbacks?

It’s varied, and includes: cosmic harmony and the explosion of life. This is conveyed by the seamless integration of gamelan’s evolutionary melody-sequences, standing for the clockwork logic of the cosmos, majestic like Zeus’ brow whence jumps Life, Athena-like, fully formed and armed, fierce and ready for a post-punk brawl. Or remember the awe-inspiring sequences of the universe in transition in Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, and shift them from the temple to the dance-floor.

Which brings us to spirituality. There are no words that we could use to convey the joyous sense of peace, unity and harmony conveyed by the transcendental dynamics that unfurl in OOIOO’s music, or rather, there are but they have been hijacked by a zillion new age cults, to use them would be to taint the purity of the emotions surfing over OOIOO’s progressive information age animism. Not that we need to, here’s the music.

OOIOO – Atatawa

Gamel is coming out on the 1st of July. Pre-order it from Thrill Jockey.


Somewhat serendipitously, we stumble upon last years reissue + remixes of 3rd Face’s Canto Della Liberta, a song that we featured in 2004. The sonic (and sensorial, sensual and emotional) parallelisms between that track and OOIOO are obvious, which makes sense given how strongly they are both influenced by the ur-banger Secondo Coro Della Lavandaie, from Roberto de Simone’s play, La Gatta Cenerentorola.

(This is clearest in OOIOO’s Uma and Umo in their previous album, Taiga, and Gamel Uma Umo in Gamel, which does what it says in the tin)

Prins Thomas’ is our favourite remix of the lot (which you might have expected). He bumps up the drums into a disorientating vortex somewhere in between Liquid Liquid, The Boredoms and Kelis’ Milkshake, and organises the drop around some 1970s double-denim rock riffage, burly Godzilla to OOIOO’s aerodynamic M.U.T.O.  There’s no-way anyone could ever go wrong with that, kids, we swoon.

3rd Face – Canto Della Liberta (Prins Thomas Remix)

The vinyl for this is sadly sold out, but you can get it digital from Beatport.

The sky that wraps the world round, past the blue and into the black

Featuring : Beaumont + prins thomas

If Lindstrom’s ‘Where You Go I Go Too’ was a love letter to Steve Reich written from a Balearic beach circa 1981, Prins Thomas’ forthcoming self-titled album out in Full Pupp shows the Scandinavian maestro bounding all his warm influences together with muscular motorik lasso. It all sounds like dub edits of Fletwood Mac covering Michael Rother’s secret repertoire of utopian pan-european music, or a reverse of Hawkwind’s Opa Loka where the Warrior comes back home after psychedelic skirmishes in the provinces beyond the edge of time. Prins Thomas wears his influences on his sleeve, but what a sleeve this is!

If you need proof, just check out ‘Wendy not Walter’, whose title is of course but a tip of the hat to our favourite post-gender composer, depicted above. A classical primitive techno motif is wrapped into all sorts of deft synthetic flourishes and obstinate drum-beat, magick fingers removing layers of artifice in the boudoir of reality until a being of pure light is revealed, lying in a bed of black sky tattooed with slo-mo kosmische pyrotechnics. Hold a hand of fire that doesn’t burn and climb up the final steps towards the gates of the Holy Mountain.

Prins Thomas- Wendy not Carlos

Many a budding composer out there be rocking the minimal romantic styles, which is all well and good, if there’s something the world needs more of, it is the paranoid metronome of a John Carpenter leftover, synthetic tritones tickling our proverbial sides, and reveries of a neon Miami that never existed. But the problem tends to be that the output of these efforts are rarely distinctive enough to deserve anything else but a footnote mention in the ledgers of the canon to which they pay homage.

Enter Beaumont, who just about sent us a couple of demos. Here we are in the presence of someone who, by an strike of genius and inspiration has produced two pieces which we will be revisiting again and again, in the same way in which we revisit the blueprints, not just thinking, ‘this could have soundtracked a wistful interlude in a Z-series 80s thriller’, but thinking ‘there’s actually a really cool Z-series 80s thriller somewhere that we never watched, and this is the theme tune’.

Beaumont- Adrift

(We found the image above at wonderful sci-fi-o-rama)