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Moebius Trip

Featuring : Ital + professor genius

A hazy black and white television, freed from it’s cheap veneer housing sits awkwardly on a fragile brown table, its cathode ray tube naked and blaring.  Through a dust caked window, Attack Ships perch on their gigantic scaffolds, cloistered beasts awaiting an electronic impulse that will signal their initial, sluggish roll away from their moorings.  The television shows an orchestra from an indeterminate time performing a single note over and over in a breathless loop.

A royal guard approaches the most corpulent Attack Ship, their hard worn uniforms offset by the celestial fanfare that blares over the lashed together PA — hanging like cobwebs over the great ship’s sides, the speakers like flies.  The glories of countless battles etched on the innumerable plates of armour that define the edges of the ship’s bulk.  The memory of space, of the galactic vistas the ship has borne witness too, hangs in the air as the soldiers seal the vast airlock behind them.  Alone on the desolate plains, the PA completes it’s celebration of a victory lost to time and then, they were gone.

Professor Genius stole our hearts with his Moebius/Little Nemo referencing masterwork A Jean Giraud 4 back at the end of 2007 via a typically minimal post on the awesome BumrocksThis is Not an Exit put out the Jean Giraud 12″ in 2008 which contained a sped up version of the aforementioned classic but the second part of the series has lain, until now, hidden deep within the professor’s lair.  He’s been good enough to put the whole thing up on his Soundcloud so we can explore what amounts to a marvellous ode to the great French futurist.  You can grab the whole thing here.  But here’s a taste…

Professor Genius – À Jean Giraud 5

If Professor Genius has constructed a complex mix of the exalting and the maudlin for a battered space fleet then 100% Silk‘s Ital has soundtracked the muscular leaving party for the grunts.  A glimpse out of portholes onto the uniquely specular beauty of crystalline astroids for a moment…before the pounding of the room draws their attention back to the dancefloor with a heaving, looping ecstatic roll of wave after wave of 23rd century Italo instrumentals.

Ital – One Hit

Ital’s 12″ Ital’s Theme is out now on 100% Silk and is spectacularly awesome.

A mist of despair hangs above all of this

Assassins is a displacement from the West German brutalism and Cold War bleakness – industrial wastelands and all – that’s usually associated with low key synthesisers and half buried hyperactive drum machines (muted by their very energetic nature).  Here the aural aesthetic is tied to the story of the Hashshashin, the Nizai Ismailis tarred by their adversaries as trained killers (thanks wikipedia).  Professor Genius has sculpted an album based around the last survivor of the mythical Cult of Assassins.

With the heart of their sect in the mountain fort of Alamut, a fortress eventually overrun by the Mongols in 1256, Assassins provides the soundtrack to the cracking of the dawn sun against the barren peaks, the stone fortress submerged in shadow beneath.  The Hashshashin recaptured their home fort in 1275 but only for a few months.  This is the sound of their fragile re-occupation, all impermanence and mystic desolation.  A mist of despair hangs above all of this – the same displacement found in the Cold Wave progenitors of this sound: divided from each other by ideology.

Professor Genius – Assassins

Professor Genius’s beautiful ‘machine music’ is available on his Soundcloud here where you can hear his unreleased album about the last member of the ‘Cult of Assassins’.

Gold Blood‘s Hardcore/Synthpop hybrid was thrust into my palms by the seer of Edgeworld on one of my too infrequent journeys into the realm of racked vinyl.  Being encased in a plain black sleeve with nearly illegible gold on black writing on the inner sticker, the record held out that rare mystique (in a world of ID3 tags) of something unclassifiable odd.  For the marrying of Arab on Radar style vocals to, what I guess we’re calling Cold Wave now, was quite unlike anything we’d heard before.  Or rather it was very like two things we’d heard before but sewn together into some strangely agreeable whole.

Some judicious tilting of the record in the light revealed it as Gold Blood’s debut EP, Twilight Language.  6 tracks of synth-punk (in possibly the purest deployment of that genre tag) with the 5th, Hair being the stand-out.  Temporarily adopting a Mark E Smith, sing speak drawl Emile Bojesen is at his most alluring, dragging you close enough to be assaulted by the 24 Track Loop that mutates into a glitching synth-scape by the chorus.  Treading a fascinating line between Hardcore, Syhtn-pop and the cut-up breakbeats of mid-90s Warp, the focus shifts so frequently but so seamlessly that Emilie’s vocal is free to worm its way through you unopposed.  Strangely sinister music then, especially the “beautiful”…

Gold Blood – Hair

Gold Blood’s EP, Twilight Language, is out on Human Shield right now and available from all good record shops, physical or otherwise.

Marriage in heaven


Imagine friends, Professor Genius’ mighty flights of synthetic fancy colliding against Speculator’s dusty psyche twang. Rejoice friends, the soundtrack for your pilgrimage towards the epsilon vanishing point has been finally delivered. Headbang friends, because if our insectoid overlords raided the pantheon of rock gods with berserk zest, they wouldn’t be able to come up with as mighty a collection of abstract riffs as the ones that will crack open the cage where your soul dwells. Dance the ghost dance friends, because if Black Meteoric Star gave us music to wage cosmic warfare to, Professor Genius and Speculator’s collaboration project out in Echovolt Records is the gamma radiation rain of religious propaganda designed by a secret cult of hooded ancients. It is called Motorik and it soars like blood spraying off the moist heart of an aged analogue cyborg as it is squeezed with loving fingers. It rules.

Professor Genius and Grackle- Jive


A friend of a friend came to visit the other day, and he played this on the stereo. This the sort of synchromystic event that makes your 20JFG pals trust the deigns of the pyramid bonnet wearing maker. King Sunny Ade and his African Beats, a Nigerian music mogul and global star of the Yoruba Juju scene (yeah, I checked Wikipedia) doing his thing, and what does thing sound like? It sounds like a graph made of muscle with Can on the Y axis and Manu Dibango on the X axis, a whole country banging on stuff marches martial from the intersection into the positive quadrant, and beyond, leaving on their wake a trail of seeds that will grow into mighty forests. Very powerful stuff. Get it here.

King Sunny Ade and his African Beats- Synchro System


Illustration by Bob Pepper via Sci-Fi-O-Rama

And just because you were asking for it, here you have a new 20JFG mix dedicated to Steven. The levels are all over the place as usual, but it’s made with lots of good music and much love. Enjoy you crazies.

20JFG 13 is Love Mixtape

1- Magical Power Mako- Open the Morning Window, the Sunshine Come in, the Hope of Today is Small Bird Singing

2-Telepathe- Standing in your Line

3-Detachments- The Flowers that Fell (Thee Four Horsemen Remix)

4-A Mountain of One- Innocent Reprise

5-Public Image Ltd.- The Order of Death

6-Darktown Strutters- Lucifer Rising

7-Pictureplane- Dark Rift

8-Sorcerer- Chemise

9-Ultron- Master Mind

10- Ris- Love ‘n’ Music

11-Azari & III- Hungry for the Power

12- King Sunny Ade and his African Beats- Synchro System

13-Demis Roussos- Love Is (Dimitri From Paris Sunday At The Loft Remix)

And if you are in London on Friday, do go to the Huntley and Palmer’s Launch Party. It’s going to rule.


Think Joy Division as remade by Chromatics – ah, but its so much more than that! Twisted Wires are a raging storm reflected in the retina of a solemn shoegazing guitarist, coiling a mournful down-tuned motif from his spidery guitar strings. In the 80s.

With The Horrors making like the spectral shadows cast by The Jesus & Mary Chain on new LP, “Primary Colours”, shoegaze is set to become the nu-rave of 2009 (please stop calling it nu-gaze though), and we are all for it, as we never stopped listening to “Psychocandy” and “Loveless” anyway, and, as any regular reader will know, we are all about thee darkside.

Eschewing the disco landscapes generally favoured by Italians Do It Better (even new 12″, “One Night at the Raw Deal”, is Johnny Jewel possessed by Jim Reid), Twisted Wires are a digital representation of the air surrounding The Cocteau Twins – all cobalt greys, bruised blues and slickly pitch blacks spiralling into a void of omniscient light where a wave of sweaty terror awaits you and a guitar is calling like a melted klaxon from the mountain top.

Twisted Wires – Oh Hell

“Oh Hell” (a working title) is a rolling juggernaut of wailing goth guitars, organic versions of Front 242’s punishing syndrums and Dave Gahan’s evil locked-up-in-solitary-confinement-for-20-years brother, pouring black bile vocals out from the speakers, which if your listening to this in the right physical space, are on fire in a post apocalyptic landscape where a dirty-faced child is watching and crying.

Death from Abroad bring the far-Eastern doom from Yura Yura Teikoku, a crack team of Japanese kraut-terrorists made up of hungry ghosts that channel the malevolently maniacal spirit of Damo Suzuki circa 1971. The “Dekinai” marbled/limited 12″ is available now, with full-length forthcoming. “Dekinai” is a stomping psychedelic jam from the racoon jamboree held in secret in the dark shadow of Mt. Fuji, but its “Sweet Surrender” that packs the meanest punch:

Yura Yura Teikoku – Sweet Surrender (Remix)

If “Paperhouse” was about a senseless slow-motion giallo kill-rampage it would have sounded like this – murky dirge bass and La Düsseldorf drums recorded in a shanty town with samurai spirit vocals whispering in and out of the miasma of narcotics smoke hanging in the studio.


Its the first of an ongoing series of mixtapes! Professor Genius delivers a super mellow and droney mix recorded live:

Professor Genius – 2OJFG Mixtape 2OO9


The Pipes of Pan
Yves + Alan Laurent: Arc en Ciel
Duermo: Canoas
Para One: Sunless
Professor Genius: Piramide
Terry Riley: M Music
Dave Ball: Sincerity
Professor Genius + Speculator: No Title One
Liaisons Dangereuses: Peu etre Pas
Rudy: Just Take My Body
Chris Craft: Discosmic Dancer
Squallor: I love My Disco Baby
Azoto: Exalt Exalt
Harlequins 4: Set It Off
Bim Marx: Don’t Fall
Sparque: Music Turns Me On
Professor Genius: Down There

20JFG Best of 2008: Love

Epic post! Epic because Love is Disco, and Disco is the one genre that has united all 4 horsemen of 20JFG in agreement that 2008 was an awesome year for said musical style. Disco hit hard this year with Chicago House making a welcome return to the forefront of dance music and the act of editing old classics becoming the done thing with an army of bedroom/basement club producers.

Eskimo continued the discopic onslaught across the sand dunes of parallel universes with Peter Visti’s balearic vibes casting swirling green shadows through abandoned towns and Low Motion Disco’s music soundtracking the creation of new species in the murky depths. The label also brought us the phenomenon of Aeroplane who remixed a host of artists to great success, even getting to work the magic on Grace Jones. But it was with Kathy Diamond on the “Whispers” 12″ that they managed to channel the finesse of “I Feel Love” with the spirit of malevolent ’80s soul from Shakatak and Thelma Houston.

Maelstrom – Valdresfjellet

Skinny Joey compiled the sounds of space on the “Cosmic Balearic Beats” collection which featured Maelstrom. “Valdresfjellet” is taken from the “Assynt” 12″, with beats that map out the complex placement of pistons and cogs on a robot holding a cowbell.

In Flagranti’s Codek label continued its output of wonky synth-wiggle electro(not electro) under various disguises on the excellent “Sounds Superb” series, plus neurotic psy-funk spearheading to the vanishing point on a speedball on the “Firmly Planted Memories” 12″. Oblio bought to life the images depicted on ’70s edition Philip K. Dick novels, slow motion laser beam volleys across the irradiated royal blue of alien vistas, as heard on “The Crux Of The Matter” 12″. In Flagranti themselves made discos slippery when wet with the dirty-mac-perv flasher chic of the “Sexx Piss Tool” 12″, complete with shimmying ’70s porn starlet beats heard pumping out of decadent Parisian penthouse parties, and the torrid moans of sexaroid vocoders in silk-sheet trysts:

In Flagranti – I Chatted Up The Nympho Secretary Part 1

The edits came thick and fast, so it was difficult to sift through them to pick out the nuggets of gold from the grains of sand. Glossy didn’t disappoint in three separate vinyl discs, polishing unknown tracks into streamlined sensations with Vaseline on the lens and cocktail cigarette smoke hanging in the air, casting a fuzzy haze across perfect cheekbones – the aural equivalent of ’80s Vogue Magazine photoshoots.

Glossy – Burning Love

The Ambassador’s Reception took things to a psychotropic level with Tako’s “My Kind of Woman” 12″ filled with sci-fi fear and drama, empty galaxies of unseen evil forces and synthesised bleeps creating constellation in the cosmos that marked the entrance to cross-dimensional robo-raves in the year 3000. Loud E delivered a 12″ tri-force of hypnotic downbeat disco. Hear how “Drums Dutour II” off of the most recent disc spins a cheap grindhouse movie plot of mechanical zombies chasing a female TV reporter and her unlikely partner of a strapping offshore fisherman through the misty woods of a deserted island off the coast of Italy:

Loud E – Drums Dutour II

Messalina’s awesomeness should not be gauged by the number of Myspace friends they have (five), but by the sound of this throbbingly propulsive edit of “Westway” by prog-rock outfit Sky. If The Warriors had just kicked back and chased the dragon instead of making their perilous way across an increasingly hostile New York, the Baseball Furies would have materialised from slow motion energy columns before their cloudy eyes and beaten them to a glittery pulp with giant quaaludes, and Barry de Vorzon would have beaten Lucci Capri to this beat:

Lucci Capri – Sky Way

Other credible edits gracing pristine turntables came from Moxie who’s reworkings soundtracked gay porn remakes of Buck Rogers and Knight Rider, and drug fuelled dream orgies that inexplicably ran parallel to the plot of V with horses in need of chiropractors taking the place of the alien lizards. The dukes of noirdisco, Lovefingers, began a project entitled Black Disco with cohorts Nitedog and Lee Douglas where disco classics received a Halloween makeover to invoke demons in mirrorball capes and leotards. The RVNG of the NRDS series enlisted Wade Nichols and Jacques Renault to commit the four elements of disco to humble circular wax, Renault preciously reflecting off the floor of Studio 54, Nichols cow herding with a Cadillac. Stalwarts of class Permanent Vacation kept showering us with silver raindrops of total goodness, the delicious Space Oddities rare Euro-grooves & library music comp put together by Jess and Alexis Le-Tan and Goblin City’s remix by Holy Ghost! were but two highlights.

Discos Capablanca was born in 2008: astrological omens and dream messages of dancefloor sweat and world domination through honest fierce & love acted upon by enlightened Berlin top mystic and bonafide gentleman Hugo, the beginning of something special. We hear that Capablanca reference no. 2 is in the oven right now. 2009 is going to be hot.

Stickydisc became firm favourites by way of the release of Watussi’s “Purple Moon” (a crunchier Emperor Machine with drunken Moon rant chorus) and Babytalk’s “Chance” (a skeletally deep night ride to the planetarium where dark secrets become gravely apparent).

Prins Thomas released Windsurf’s debut LP “Coastlines” on Internasjonal and the all conquering majestic power of Lindstrøm was bestowed upon the world in a fittingly epic gesture that was the “Where You Go I Go Too” LP. While we all got lost amongst the pyramids with Hans-Peter, Black Devil Disco Club was fiendishly completing his trilogy of black chrome evil with the “Eight Oh Eight” 12″ (remixes to follow soon, including a Hercules & Love Affair version). Padded Cell crept like a twitching corpse from the murder basement of DC Recordings with “Night Must Fall” a tale of undead dancing deep underneath the dark streets of London and pyro-pagan rituals deep in the caves of Summerisle.

(image from The Tommyboy)

The neo-gothic synth nymphs of Fan Death stole away hearts on the blood splattered dancefloors, and Diamond Vampires weaved asymetric glass spiderwebs to ensnare high society witch covens and downtown succubus hookers. The spirit of 1984 possessed Zombi’s vintage synths and a gleaming creature strutted through the clusters of neon palm trees and faceless skyscrapers, a creature known as Lovelock. Lovelock joined the headspace of the Valerie crew who released cuts from College, Minitel Rose and Anoraak all digitised actors recast in cheap SFX and shock-horror musical remakes of The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink and Heathers.

The horror was yet further extended with Quiet Village’s LP “Silent Movie”, one of the albums of the year. The hammer-horror style crimson lighting of “Circus of Horrors” soon faded to the pastel shades of azure on “Pillow Talk” and “Utopia”. While not strictly disco, we are sure we can hear snippets of heavily edited alt. dancefloor tracks that make up the macabre mosaic of background music to ’70s wildlife documentaries and Cerrone at 33rpm that the album is. Phantom Slasher utilised the same cut n’ paste with effects to create the tumbling and confusing beats of “Keys to the Tripod”.

Every disco-dancer and their hot still with-it mom was more than aware that Italians Do It Better existed this year, with the gleaming neon palace of Glass Candy erected in the centre of the Earth where Ida No and Johnny Jewel sat upon their flashing pink and blue thrones, and Chromatics hung out in leather and tarnished sequins in a suitably darkened corner of the royal courtyard. Tiedye began the disco, but it was up to Professor Genius to come on at 1am and slay the floor with hypno-medieval italo-kraut from the “A Jean Giraud Part One” 12″ released on Thisisnotanexit and the hyper kinetic terror-NRG found on the “Down There” EP.

Professor Genius – Cat’s Eye

But all went silent for the triumphant return of the Queen of the Decadently Damned, Miss Grace Jones. “Hurricane” was like being beamed back to the classic first albums, with a giant 50ft Grace stalking across a Jamaican landscape like a skinny limbed spectral warrior woman. As we mentioned before Aeroplane remixed the first single with fizzy synths reaching boiling point alongside undulating arpeggios casting a fearful cloud over the forced happiness of the original. Its off to the acidic cyber-jungle for the Cosmic Jam remix from the unofficial 12″.

Grace Jones – William’s Blood (Cosmic Jam Remix)

No self-respecting disco best of should be without its share of DFA, and here is ours. Black Meteoric Star, the dark house alter ego of Gavin Russom, rumbled over the airwaves of Beats In Space every so often this year to the great joy and wonder of listeners. If you were lucky enough to catch his remix of Britney Spears’ “Piece Of Me” then you were probably equally spellbound by its apocalyptic death-pop drone and black-hole heart. But his time will be in ’09.

Hercules & Love Affair were held aloft as the disco kings and queens this year. “Classique #3” sadly never saw a release, but the jacking stutter of midnight classic “You Belong”, the diamonds floating on the water glimmer of “Athene” and the Yazoo remixed by Sylvester funk of “Raise Me Up” more than made up for it. If you had the chance to witness them live you would have been lost in the neon corridors of the psychedelic house reworkings that each track received.

Hercules & Love Affair – I’m Telling You (Live)

This recording comes from the band’s set at Koko in London – the whole thing can be found here.


(photo above by Nicolaggio)

And let us finish this mucho bueno post, and this year of decadence, dance, crisis and hopeful beginning of change with an exclusive from New Jersey robodisco crack squad Pink Stallone. They have seduced us most effortlessly with the robotic strutting of their sparse n’ sexy compositions during 2008, it’s only right they send it off. Winner.

So- just play ‘New Fate’ before midnight and welcome the New Year with top class styles, what styles, well, these fucking styles:

The styles equivalent of Indeep vogueing against (Grandmaster Flash’s) Scorpio in the midst of a whirling cloud of smoke filling the magenta spaces of a diamond-shaped dancefloor surrounded by Debbie Harry mannequins .

Beat that.

This song is poison lipstick the colour of chrome smeared of the walls of a vicious trap. Bless Pink Stallone, kick off 2009 in a most wicked way. We heart U.

Pink Stallone- New Fate