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The Incredible Erasmus Year of Nickodemus N. Plyers

Nickodemus Nathaniel Plyers could have spent an erasmus year perfecting his French, in the majestic city of Paris. He could have spent it continuing his studies in psychology, in the beauteous city of Budapest. But instead, he chose to spend it in a self-induced coma on the fourth floor of Northwick Park hospital, Harrow, Middlesex.

Forgetting to tell his distraught family where he was going for a whole year, they huddled around him whilst he embarked on the fantastical voyage, that would turn him from boy to man. For ever since he had first visited it, Nickodemus had planned to spend his erasmus year in the dream-space between Earth-Moon, and the reality-construct named Pho’gnyshugos. The place best known to us as St-ch – named in the Lexicon of Far Realms as the top 36th best place to visit in the Uggnd-delhab section.

Nickodemus Nathaniel Plyers could have spent his gap year on the Kibbutz. But instead, he devoted it on the unequivocal quest to find the mysterious aura of U-Uno……

Video directed by Aurora Halal

Future Times is back, Mister! We are feverishly excited (in a sublime kinda way) to present this world premiere of the new video and EP from Protect-U – those guys what make the love gush out of us, like a bucket of good vibes spilt across the kitchen floor of serenity.

Protect-U – U-Uno

Three times have we visited Protect-U, and 3 times have our minds been put through a Kaleidescopic inversion.  According to the Lexicon of Far Realms, U-Uno is a land where Dance Mania tough guys live happily together in a commune. A place where DJ Deeon and DJ Funk smoke a bowl o’ peace together and discuss women’s rights. A place where Waxmaster Maurice lets his mind unravel, and considers the nature of time itself. A place where Jammin Gerald produces tracks to the laws of Fibonacci instead of the rules of music. A place we never want to leave.

The incredible World Music EP is out now on the impeccable Future Times. Pre Order it in Europe via Rush Hour.

And while in the sector of ultra posi-tronic emissions so rare, we dug this one out from the archives.

Xynn – Computed Man

According to his website, Xynn was ‘Germany’s answer to David Bowie’. We kind of thought that David Bowie was Germany’s answer to David Bowie – but which ever way you look at it, this guy was seriously under-rated. ‘Computed Man‘ was the joyous discovery that levated us across the emotional chasm that is a traditional British Christmas. An enchanting sonic continuum made even lighter by it’s metronymic absence of any real percussion. An operatic boogie odyssey rendered by an over-imaginative team of IBM programmers – circa 1982. Basically, a big tune! This might also be the second sax solo we’ve featured in a couple of months…..

Check discogs to pick up a copy of Computed Man (the rest of this album is real good). Check his old vids too.

This post was written with some help from the Lovecraftian name generator.