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When the black bird sings…

Featuring : Psychic Ills + Rolo Tomassi


Psychic Ills’ Mirror Eye is the spooky echo of a murky nightmare and the shapeless forms lurking in its periphery, reverberating steps down cobbled ways, a Walpurgisnacht happening in the forests of the Twin Peaks soundtracked with a ghostly psychedelia that reminds us of Wooden Shjips at their codeine-intoxicated best, or even Hawkwind’s dizzying spirit dance of Hash Cake 77. The music progresses ululating and powerful like mist seeping from the ground of a forest on the anniversary of the massacre still haunting it and dances in honour of a bad moon rising, the eyes of a raven blink, blink again, glimpses of white shapes carrying candles into the darkness to the cadence of a skeletal techno beat, it’s an abstract odyssey of powerful foreboding, up a narrow path towards the peak of an unholy mountain Liars climbed once, to come back with a crazed glimmer in their eyes that wasn’t there before.

Psychic Ills- I Take Youy as My Wife Again


All those peoples out there missing the tempo-shifting progressive splattercore of Blood Brothers should pay a visit to Rolo Tomasi’s Hysterics, weird towers rising above the milky mist in the midst of the Sea of Sighs, because in the twisted corridors of their crimson palace you shall find sufficient turbulence, moments of placid beauty torn to shreds by ghoulish power-chord progressions, and shrieking, ah, the shrieking, to make your sensory channels burst like you were experiencing one of those near-death ‘life passing in front of your eyes’ experiences, but with more carnage than you care to remember. Just check out Macabre Charade, an eerie Slint-like calm before the storm walk down shores licked by an Stygian sea, from whose sickly surf slowly emerges an army of soft shapes with evil eyes, elementals spinning in the midst of the night to the tune of a haunted synthetic drone that would have made Goblin seethe in sinful delight, definitely not for the faint hearted, which is always a good thing.

Rolo Tomassi- Macabre Charade

We happen this Saturday- Penthouse (above the Freebutt) from 8 to 1AM. You know the score, all the music you hear in this place on glorious vinyl. We pay our dues, come say hi.