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Gary Gygax passed away on Wednesday. I never did that much D&D to be fair, but if it hadn’t been for the stream of pen & paper Roleplaying games that his work inspired, and which I played the shit of (MERP, Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, Cyberpunk, Star Wars, Traveller and Games Workshop stuff, as well as all sorts of Choose Your Own Adventure books) , I would have spent a really boring time during my teenage years, there were only so many Schwarzenegger and American Ninja films to watch. Perhaps I would have read even more comic-books, but then I wouldn’t have developed the sort of mathematical modelling chops and wacky imagination that render me totally unsuitable for most jobs in the real world. Maybe I would have had a girlfriend, or perhaps become a hoodlum, risen in the echelons of organised crime and be living in a vast manor built with the profits from drug and weapon trafficking.

Damn you Gary Gygax!

Nah, don’t have the right character for all that hustle & bustle to be fair, although I am not too bad a sniper in Halo 3. Ha! Video games! If it hadn’t been for Gary Gygax and D&D half of the video games out there you wouldn’t exist. Young whippersnappers, at your age I was building massive imaginary worlds inside my head and sharing them with my friends instead of grinding in that Microsoft MSN with legs you call World of Warcraft. So get off my dungeon. I’m joking, but I’ve got a point. Paper and dice RPGs are totally good for you.


Street Horrrsing (out soon in ATP Recordings) confirms Fuck Buttons as one of the best bands out there right now, their portentous Cthonic drone punches a hole in the heart of the black stormfront spreading its powerful wings over the lands of Istar, whenceforth cometh a rod of glimmering light straight from the mysterious Pleiades that Black Dice call home. The damp cellar where Tangerine Dream, Yellow Swans and Suicide roll their dice grim and focussed fills with a blinding glamour which summons the shape of things to come, and illuminates the preparations for an quest fraught with dangers. This music plunges forward mighty and epic like a funereal march for heroes on the warpath against invincible Colossi, if you have played a fantasy RPG right, you know that feeling of doomed expectation, and you know it’s right.

Do you want to talk about magic?

Let’s talk about fucking magic.

Fuck Buttons- Okay, Let’s Talk About Magic


This blog would be totally different from what you see now, or wouldn’t even have happened if it hadn’t been for Gary Gygax’ opus, we’d surely be less prone to wild flights of fancy, for chrissakes I found out about H.P. Lovecraft through the Call of Cthulhu RPG!! So, because he has influenced us an awful lot, we dedicate this post to him, here is an aptly named tune by Underground Resistance which resonates with the epic echo of an infinity of possible universes to be jubilantly explored. Many of them wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Gary Gygax.



Underground Resistance- Inspiration


We continue out trip through the voids of darkness beyond the clouded dome taken by the hand of Sweat X, I’ve been listening to a good bunch of sidereal/muscular/hard-hitting (think Starship Troopers directed by Tarkovski) hip-house that the aforementioned Underground Resistance came up with back in the days (check out Hype Stuff (You Gotta Move to)) and this exclusive Black Line remix of Interestella with crazy arpeggiated sci-fi synth line sounds like a proud descendent, I had a Close Encounter of the Third Kind and all I got was this pumping tune.

Sweat X- Interstella (Black Line Remix)

Citinite keep getting it right with master Manuel orchestrating underground manoeuvres in the neon lit space, another step towards global domination. Wait til you listen to Her Bad Habit, you are going to lose your shit for them.


Williams covered Love on a Real Train by Tangerine Dream, and Studio did their thing and that’s all she wrote, we were hypnotised, white vinyl and opium dreams. Anyway, Williams has a new 12” coming out on Get Physical, it goes by the name of ‘El Baile’ and it’s b-side Kiss of Life is a spaced-out minimal glider with an arpeggiated breakdown that kills it softly and a melancholy vibe that conjures images of C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. Can there be any higher praise than that?

Williams- Kiss of Life



We have confirmed El Guincho to play live in Brighton on the 23rd of March, that’s two weeks into the future kids. Barfly. It’s going to be fucking awesome. Get tickets at Resident!


20Jazzfunkgreats is currently involved in a secret project which requires a collaborator with the talent to create wonderfully ghastly images such as those we include below. It’s quite hard to come up with people who do proper fantasy & horror painting these days, but we surely need one. Some of them must have survived the 80s, perhaps your dad, or your weird uncle who hanged out in Soho and has a vast collection of softcore pornography?

If you think you have what it takes, or know someone, please contact us immediately via e-mail or on the myspace, the lord of darkness summons you. Payment in blood, and more.