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Norse God of Sunsets

When the Earth’s surface cracks open and the fertile soil turns into a hard clay; when flames burst from the sea and your sweat boils your skin into blisters, only the coolest of sounds can save your soul. For me, this usually means soothing drone, blissed out beats, and a bunch of other cliched reverb drenchers that are the perfect home remedy. Well, that and perhaps an air conditioner if I can afford it. In the days to come, as Gaia fights with itself over having either another ice age or a brutal fire age, it will become more and more important to find efficient ways to survive. Here at XXJFG we understand this and are sympathetic to the human plight. To help arm you with some essential survival tools, we present to you these 3 chilled out jams.

Seattle is no stranger to cold, gloomy, weather. In the 90s they used a new transportation system known as Grunge to export the gloomy part of their weather. Bumming people out proved to be a good natural resource for a while, but eventually synthetic forms of gloom flooded the markets and the masses got fooled into sucking down tons of laboratory chemicals the same way Coca-Cola tricked everyone into consuming High Fructose Corn Syrup. For the last couple years Seattle has re-entered the marketplace though, now with a way to export their cold sans gloom. ALASKAS is the self-proclaimed diva brand of this new fertile market and he has a new sound for your overheated home. And like the great salesman of the past, ALASKAS is going town to town and setting up a magical display to woo you into making his product a household name. First though, the sound. Then, at the end of all this madness, a salesman’s route.

ALASKAS – I Love Life

The icy fingers of father figures creep around your soul, asking you to trade freedom for protection. This is a type of love, for sure. A love not wholly unassociated with the driving beat of techno. Will you accept this type of offer when it comes your way? What about when all you desperately want is be saved from the merciless sun. The sun makes no such offer to you, it just burns and burns. Protect-U are happy to step in at any moment. All you need to do is relax and let their Talking Heads meets High Places aesthetic of groove lay over you like a tiny wave on the shore. Are you ready? It is time to accept that Heaven wants you as much as Hell.

Protect-U – Double Rainbow

Before the apple was taken from the tree, the apple was infused with temptation. Before the apple was infused with temptation, temptation was forged over a sinister anvil. An anvil of this sort could only exist in one home. Yes, for some, Hell is home. Perhaps the home of God Himself? Hard to blame the dude though, with infinite foresight, he had to build a place to put BP execs after they die, right? That said, its hard for a mortal mind to conclude if there really is much difference between Heaven and Hell. So maybe we should just abandon this Abrahamic model altogether and turn our eyes to the wisdom of our ancestors. Many say they once were from alien worlds. It is a nice thought. A million Stargate fans can’t be wrong is the way I figure it. Escape to some desert world sounds shitty to me though. The Norse gods are just as likely to be aliens too, and in this world of spiritual uncertainty combined with a capitalist free market, you might as well explore the option that promises what you want most and see if it lives up to the hype. Rxccxxns (different than the one with all those O’s and hyphens) says they have a spacewarp to a cold world. Lets take the ride and see what really awaits on the other end.

Rxccxxns – Theme From Lad Salad

As promised, for you west coasters, here are those ALASKAS dates. On tour with Haunted Horses:

ALASKAS moves to Brooklyn, farewell West Coast Tour
Haunted Horses debut West Coast Tour
06/11/10 at ANALOG ROOM (Portland, OR)
********** with Total Bros, Magic Johnson, Karen
06/13/10 at THE FORT (Oakland, CA)
********** with Run DMT, Blissed Out, Magick Report
06/14/10 at TRIBAL CAFE (LA, CA)
********** with Cyan Ides
06/15/10 at THE SMELL (LA, CA)
********** with Dunes, Back To The Future The Ride
06/16/10 at MCWORLD (LA,CA)
********** with Former Ghosts, Kevin Costner Saves The World, Dream
Panther, and Railcars DJ-ing.
06/17/10 at ACROBATICS EVERYDAY (Irvine, CA)
********** with Moon Pearl and Italic Indian
06/18/10 at BIKO GARAGE (Santa Barbara, CA)
********** with The Blank Tapes and Nohow On
06/19/10 at GERBER PERMANENTE (Oakland, CA)
********** other acts TBA
06/20/10 at VALENTINES (Portland, OR)
********** with ASSS, Mattress

UPDATE – just got sent this video for the ALASKAS’ song!

Alaskas – I Love Life from daisyheroin on Vimeo.

And if you are in the UK, here’s what you should do:

Top Nice rock the Cock Tavern on Friday. Possibly our fave night in London this time, featuring Hype Williams (Live), Non-Sense (Judah & Mr.Wonderful, Paul b. davis, Romantic Three, Mr Zolon and Top Nice DJs (Hampus Time & Bach Bush & Louis Enchanté).Do get down.