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Sourcing Superior Perceptual Strategies from the Beyond


“What we are doing here, see, is using sound as a vector to explore the space of possible models for interpreting the universe.

The constituent components of these songs (as well as their combination) are probes that bring from the unknown plug-ins we can add to our sensorial apparatus and increase or modify the perceptual dimensions of any situation we face. These sounds turn squares into cubes, and cubes into ice! They get us closer to the bottom of bottomless reality, and to the shape of elusive truth. They increase our evolutionary fitness.

The little dioramas, stories, visuals, legends and folk-tales that accompany these sounds, or that we devise to describe them are simply user manuals, illustrations of the way the world can be made to look or feel by adopting these perceptual models, by flicking the switch.”

(Jonny Von Neu!mann, Head of R&D at 20JFG Corporation).


Golden Donna is the third vertex* in the base of a prism that is a lens through which we gaze, to be made aware of certain things as we leave our house and step into the neighbourhood outside.

We realise that this place is regulated by a nefarious consensus.

We hear the crunching of bones and the snarling of ghouls from under the hill where the neighbourhood is perched, looming upon the city.

Hands or claws or paws slide mouldy curtains in our wake.

We overtake a mom pushing a pram down the hill.

What is that thing trashing in the pram, what is that thing coiling in the pram.

When we gaze through this prism, we gaze into the apex of an iceberg sliding into an black abyss inhabited by things that unfailingly stare back. It’s like turning on the radar. Everyone can see us. Now we are the star.

We might as well give them a dance.

Golden Donna – Machete Bathtub

Golden Donna just published ‘Gloaming Thirst’ in Iowa City’s All Hell Label. Bathtub Machete is the unnerving, dead eyed disco hit therein. Go get before it gets you.


Samantha Glass is a lightning rod or epiphanic wand that we point at the dull sky as we leave our house and step into the neighbourhood outside.

It is as if Mother Goddess had thrown wide open the blinds of our perceptually teen-aged bedroom, sternly clapped her hands, and admonished us: “You will be late for your trip to the museum of everyday sublimation!”

Which is where the universe which produced the society which produced the materials of which our neighbourhood was assembled, and the generations of people who did the assemblage, of the neighbourhood and each other, reveals its face and, for once, it is a benign face, one that observes our collective battle against the tide of entropy with keen interest.

It will not help us, but it will write our epic in all things, this is what we are made aware of as we walk down this hill, with an extra bounce in our step while the coralline drone of the First Movement thins the dullness away, and paints everything anew.

Samantha Glass – Movement 1

Samantha Glass is the persona holding the key to a treasure. Go to Bandcamp for lots more material, and acquire Rising Movements, which Movement 1 obviously launches, from the wonderful Constelation Tatsu.


*- The others are Umberto & Xander Harris.