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Peaktime in The Red Room

Featuring : Slackk


About six months ago, 20JFG gorged itself on Twin Peaks.  Its appearance (in HD!) on iTunes as good an excuse as any to try and make it through the turgid middle of the second season (before Lynch came back for the last few episodes).

Back in the early 90s, Lynch’s fucked-up soap opera somehow managed to infiltrate my parents’ viewing habits (thanks BBC2).  This resulted in Badalamenti’s score arriving, at Christmas, on tape.  I’m not sure which parent gave it to which but it was cherished and quickly discarded — mirroring most people’s relationship to the show.  Who knows what that brief encounter with the darkness and camp and exotica did to young Master 20JFG…who knows.

But, just as we’re well into (and possible through) the generation of musicians raised on 16-bit consoles (the last stand of the chiptune), we’re now well into the generation that was exposed to Twin Peaks’ haunting score at a (very) impressionable age.  Which is how we arrive at the opening to Slackk‘s Silk Robe.  The cousin of Laura Palmer’s Theme (at least the dark bit) manifests itself (possibly in a wig) as the droning synth underneath a codeine slow vision of a Dancehall instrumental.  Just like Badalamenti’s evocation of darkness and beauty, Silk Robe is alone.  Alive, full of fire, but alone in a dangerous and empty world.

Slackk – Silk Robe

Slackk posted a track called Laura Palmer to his Soundcloud immediately after posting Silk Robe.  We couldn’t possible say if there was any connection.

Slackk’s Failed Gods EP is out now on Local Action Records.  You can get it right here.

Bonus Badalamenti:

The City States of the Mind


As your mind struggles to deal with the philosophical horrors of the singularity, a tree sprouts into view in front of you.  Of Knowledge or Of Life you’re not quite sure, distracted as you are by your synthesised neurones firing off faster than your consciousness can handle.

Diego Garcia – Marcha Albionica

Omar Souleyman – Yagbuni

William Onyeabor – Good Name

Your mind — now massively parallelised between various secret inter-continental locations —  is breaking down in much the same way that a cartoon car does at high speed.  Certain parts are tearing themselves away from your conscious while all the time more trees appear.  And is that a mountain range?

A mystic appears just as your memory of school (aged 13-16) is overwritten by a swap file for the Gutenberg Archives.

“My apologies,” says the mystic, “we weren’t quite prepared for the affect this whole process would have…on your reality…do you see?”

You stare blankly at him/her as you assimilate Sumerian and all recorded material on John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez — at the cost of your ability to regulate your heartbeat.  You didn’t need that anyway.

Mazes – Bodies

Slackk – Silk Robe

“We have made for you this place.”

The trees have formed a forest and the sky is being textured.  The lighting on the mountains still isn’t quite right but the way it currently filters through the leaves is quite beautiful.

Fielded – Eve of a New Moon
“You must wait here.  I will return once we have decided what to do.”

Your feet touch down on the cool damp grass.  Before you is a large stone worn flat.  Atop the stone is a goblet containing what looks like mead.  A few meters behind this is an imposing stone wall.  Set into this wall are a pair of enormous iron gates.

Not Waving – Battle Mountain

Seance Centre – Zatopek

You drink the mead, go here.

You walk through the gates, go here.

2013 References

Illustration by Ricardo Garbini for JLB’s The Circular Ruins which is totally about a rampant AI with amnesia.
Finally, three of our favourite groupings of music people got together to put out this:
Click the names to buy the music: Diego García, Omar Souleyman, William Onyeabor, Mazes, Slackk, Fielded, Not Waving, Seance centre.