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The end of the beginning is nigh- we shall be devoured in 2008

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We bid farewell to this 2007 of great hecticness, haulage of goods from one place to another and much good music, we do this by peering into the future hopeful and confident like chthonic seers with an ace in the hole, discussing things that shall be hot in 2008.

As an epilogue we also deliver the last present of Christmas in the humble shape of a mixtape where we look through the rear-view mirror of our custom hot rod at some of the winning tunes of last year as they feast in the charred ruins of the past, a glorious mess we have put together with the usual carelessness, love and respect, onward bravos, to the ramparts.

We ask questions and make statements:

Why weren’t Italians Do It Better in the top things of 2007??

Well, that is a good question actually (so are the questions: why weren’t any of DC Recordings awesome 12″s in your list(not list)? Answer: We forgot, there was so much goodness, so little time, DC Recs rule as standard. Question: Why was the supadoopa hypno-kraut Arp album not mentioned? Answer: see above.)

We’ve gone off subject, Italians Do It Better! IDIB had a hotter year than most, probably up there with the DFA in terms of seismic releases that shook the shit out of you, but it is our solid gold belief that 2008 will be the year when everything aligns just right for a new golden age, like the Mayans surprising us by returning four years too early or something. They have an official website up and coming and impending new releases in the form of an el-tropico ballearic Metallica cover from Swedish signing Tiedye – then, a Prins Thomas mix of said track after that OMG – and there was speak of Tim Sweeney remixing Glass Candy so maybe that will hit on shiny vinyl. Then there is the debut 12″ from Invisible Conga People.

So in the past year we have come to expect every IDIB 12″/CDR to hit us in our faces with an ice-cool punch of italo disco born on Pluto and beamed to our stereos via alien angels, but Invisible Conga People are on a different spritual plain to Johnny Jewel’s band of glamorous pirate ghosts hidden amongst the fog.

Invisible Conga People – Cable Dazed

ICP roll in on a cloud formed by smoke from a scarlet and chrome Delia + Gavin backfiring synthesiser. They have ingested every Can record and stared at the Harmonia album covers until the images played tricks on them and every molecule on the old and faded sleeves started jumping out at them and creating small but perfectly formed universes. ICP then collectively fall into these universes and float through the various galaxies observing life, time and space. One small planet they name Cluster becomes an obsession for them and they go off after researching life on this world to create Music. They record casio calculators having lazy conversations in badly lit smokey bars, travel down analogue wiring with microphones in hand to see what sounds it makes and hold a recorder to the shifting tectonic plates for the bass. Then they roll everything together to construct kraut beat-parties for Japanese ghosts.

12″ hits like a dinosaur-killing dance asteroid in February, with ‘Weird Pains’ on the flip. Record shops will describe it as essential, and we will strongly agree.

Why are our bowels going to be rumbling in 2008?


BASS! We look forward to many yummy wacks in the face from the hard yet sweet knuckles of true dance stalwarts in 2008, this includes Silverlink who is currently engaged in some mindblowing collaborations, Max Tundra’s genius electronic filigree and all the Bass posse hitting hard, particularly G₤nuin₤ Guy whose Tigerbass EP we have heard, our reaction: heck jack, power. We also look forward to E*Rock messing our heads good once again, we heart Audiodregs!

Tigerbass associate C.L.A.W.S. blew us away in a particularly awesome way with one of the tunes of 2007, the hip shattering C.L.A.W.S. theme, we think that if the future is to be rolled & scratched, then this gentleman shall have a key role to play in the whole bloody mess.

See how he has got in touch with us about a little remix of HEALTH he made, sounds like a good plan, and the expectations are fulfilled:

HEALTH- Lost Time (C.L.A.W.S. Remix)

Viz. An excellent piece of scratched up jacking brilliance that tips the hat dapper to Chicago, find syncopated vocals, wobbly addictive bassline and nice synth neon butterflies fluttering against the strobes of the disco, ringing old school, and mystery, in the best of ways, the crescendos spread like fracture lines over HEALTH’s natty artwork, head shakes mesmerised, shoulder, spine ass thighs knees feet follow, it’s a very subtle earthquake but then that’s the way we roll, especially when we are wearing white suits.

Why is it going to be a Hot Jazz year?


Grabba Grabba Tape (who rap against Jesus, and for Snoop Dogg, w00t), Les Aus (who stormed the gates of perception in Sonar de día this year) or How Dare U! are examples of acts from over the Mediterranean we have told you about in these pages, we expect more exciting things to arrive warm into our doors from the nascent south in 2008, one little label that has got us particularly excited is Discoteca Oceano (myspace) (with involvement from our Barcelona associate Felix i.e. one of the most clued up kids everywhere, holla & big love). El Guincho’s Alegranza, which they have put out is starting to make waves everywhere with his amazonian voodoo yeh yeh party moves.

El Puma de Canarias aka el Guincho also plays in Coconot, who blew us away mighty in our third hangovered day of Primavera06’s with their percussive fancy dress gig, they are just getting their new album ready for February and you shall join us in delighted impatience when you listen to this small exclusive pre-mixed morsel from their recording sessions, a joyful coruscating seashell of psychedelia that sounds like Boredoms diving into the crystalline waters of some tropical atoll to join Silver Apples and other far-down Atlantidans in a crazy underwater jam, Seadrum indeed, it’s all mischievous sonic wizardry in the path of Animal Collective, but with its own well-focused good natured energy providing warm-blooded mammals with three extra lives that shall help when facing the sharp claws of old grandpa winter, we hope Coconot will be playing in a Primavera Sound we look forward to return to after last year’s perhaps misguided absence.

Coconot- Japan 24 Premix

We promise to keep our mediterranean ears peeled, and our contacts running slippery like eels as we know for a fact there is an awesome bunch of bands down there that shall kill you in the best of ways if you have a listen, we shall be delivering reliable like a non-privatised postal service, love!

Why are we going to keep going to the disco?


What is Capablanca Recordings? Is it some old cuban label which released bootleg vinyl of NYC Disco classics in the late 70s and early 80s, just so the socialist youth of La Habana could jack?

Were these records smuggled into the U.S.S.R. via the Mediterranean and through Turkey, contributing to increase the unstability of the old regime, eventually bringing Perestroika about, as well as fuelling a few Balearic, Adriatic and Anatolian parties on the way? Well, neither and all, Capablanca Recordings are a new endeavour to which our fave Berliner Fuck Hugo is currently devoting his efforts, we have listened to a few snippets of what he is to bring us in 2008 and we are real excited, we’ll keep you posted on what goes on with this, as well as the launch parties.

We love & admire what Hugo is doing with Ca$h Money and Aftermath Disco, all of which have totally blown us away whenever we have been around or proudly participated, and can’t wait to witness the wild vibe of his awesome parties solidified into vinyl, so as a tribute to the adventurous spirit of what he, and many other around the world (holla Citinite, Tigersushi, I’m a Cliche, Clone, Eskimo, SuperSoul Recordings and so many others) are fighting for, and also as a fitting life-affirming, ecstatic welcome to 2008 we are posting a tune which epitomises rebel soul burning and true , none other than Underground Resistance’s stone cold joyous metronomic disco anthem, ‘Transition’, which I think summarises quite well what these people, and perhaps us also, aim for,

‘There are people who will say ‘you don’t mix this with that’

and you will say


There will be people who will say

Play it safe, that’s too risky

And you will take that chance and have no fear


Underground Resistance- Transition

Thanks to my brother for playing me this, and to all those crazy guys & gals out there for keeping things exciting, if we always look forward to the future hopeful it is because people like them are working hard to build it.

Why can’t you listen to some of the best tracks of the year in a badly mixed tape?

Actually you can, kid.

UPDATE- it appears we uploaded a broken mixtape because we’re real wacky and that’s what used to happen with mixtapes anyway, well, I think we have fixed it now but let us know if you have any problems and things and we’ll get on with it because we LOVE & GLITCH.


Tracklist (which you can sort of read in the drawing above if you strain your eyes, there was not enough space for everything though)-

1.Yellow Swans- Our Oases 2.Soft Circle- Whirl 3.Johhn Maus- Rights for Gays 4.Telepathe- Sinister Militia 5.Aa- Best of Seven 6.HEALTH- //M\ 7.Deerhunter- Fluorescent Grey 8.No Age- Everybody is Down 9.Liars- Plaster Casts of Everything 10.Wooden Shjips- Loose Lips 11.Tyvek- Air Conditioner 12.Siver Daggers- Joy 13.M.I.A.- Boys 14.Animal Collective- For Reverend Green 15.Dan Deacon- Wham City 16.Chromatics- I’m on Fire

20JFG Mixtape- Our Goat dug some 2007 tunes you might want to call indie