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All Hail Dystopia

Featuring : Ssleeping Desiress


The sounds in Sleeping Desiress’ debut album are the brutal components of a mining operation coupling and de-coupling in the midst of the black cloud generated by the death of the planet they are vampirically attached to.

Of course, this being 20jazzfunkgreats, you should feel free to do a literal visualisation, via H.R. Giger’s concept art-work for Jodorowsky’s Dune, or an economical one, cf. the corporate Zigguraths that tower above Bladerunner’s LA.

That latest comparison is particularly apt, that sense of inhuman shapes being revealed when humans enter the mist. This is most strongly felt in the slowest piece of the record, the spectral balled Impasse.

Imagine a gifted, classically trained child composer expelled into the cyberpunk gutter, left to fend for himself against packs of enhanced wolves, made feral and merciless in the hyper-Darwinian streets of Night City.

Imagine him going to sleep in his precarious niche, wrapping himself in a delicate cocoon of beautiful memories as dream arrives, singing a lullaby that soars emaciated for angelic heights.

This is what the synths do in this song, piercing the veil that separates this dystopic world from our summery comfort, insidiously infecting it with threads of darkness.

Mission accomplished.

Ssleeping Desiress – Impasse

The vinyl for this is pretty much sold out, get more info from Onderstroom Records and Ssleeping Desiress’ Soundcloud page.

Artwork by Giger obviously.

Slow Sunrise Turning Nova

Featuring : Ssleeping Desiress

We type this on a sunny Saturday morning. A feline red blur frolics with the bumblebees in the garden. We hear voices far away, harbingers of the revelling which from all over the South East descends upon Brighton.

We press PLAY and make our own descent, enveloped in a capsule of grey matte, to those back-alleys of the American Industrial Un-death where the Terminator always begins its journey, future machine victor passing through a nightmare gauntlet of machines enslaved, whistling (that is, synthesising) them a ditty of cybernetic hope, minimal wave understood from the POV of the machines.

The excess of ss in SFs Ssleeping Desiress in itself represent union, the continuous frequency of an analogue soundwave and the altitude maps of a Joy Division flashback. In No Place, a body horror episode where the phyla of xenomorph rhythm & vampire melody court, dance, mate, imagine alluring Cronenberg rituals at  H.R. Giger’s breathing Cathedral.

Ssleeping Desiress – No Places

This is an unreleased track – there are more at his Souncloud. You should also check out his 7’’ in  Flexiwave, and forthcoming tracks in compilations also by Flexiwave and Sweating Tapes (together with Black Jeans, Group Rhoda and others).