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Featuring : Podcast + Standard Planets


Our friends Standard Planets recently issued a super-limited lust object – a collaborative EP with psychogeography icon Iain Sinclair, individually signed and each with handwritten postcards by Iain and three art prints. The EP is called Overground.

We asked the band if they could do a guest mix themed around the London-observing EP. This is what Ben from the band had to say about it:

This mix features our favourite songs about the pickled corpse that is London. It’s a plotting of the controlled demolition of ambition, social mobility and class dissemination, by eight years of a straw-topped man child who can’t keep his over-privileged winky or wallet in his trousers. This mix shows you the London that once was, – if only to its own tragic romanticists – and what it could’ve been, before the creeping virus of Thames-side condos with key-pad security dreams, matt-grey designer gyms and underground carparks of unknowing sociopaths; their car boots littered with dead sex workers and empty wraps of teething powder.

Standard Planets – 20JFG London Mix

Buy Overground by Iain Sinclair and Standard Planets

Image: Postmodern Gothic excess. Minster Court, London. March 2013, via the amazing ScavengedLuxury

Notes concerning Electromagnetic

Featuring : Standard Planets

Deep space throb and Dark Star static duel with a vaguely menacing Lynchian guitar line draped in reverb and dread.  Some sort of cataclysmic Akira explosion – all blue light and vacuum silence – breaks the plunge into the void before the rush of drums doubly deep reemerge.    Brief moments of piano calm descend with the Industrial monster under the dank Maine church floorboards – the narrator of all this, bridges the worlds as bricks are torn from the walls with vintage Vitalic-like low end snarl.  Tropes from big room house are deployed and toyed with: the synthetic build twisted in a warehouse sacrifice – the blood of the early 90s still wet on the walls.

All this in but a few minutes.  Space is loud and colourful and will happily eat you.

Standard Planets – Electromagnetic

Standard Planets encompass Brighton’s Ben and London’s Ewan and Robert who’s Cursor Minor –  The Sport of Kings having featured in one of the earliest 20JFG posts from 2004 (when we posted on Sundays!).  There’s an album behind all this that’s looking for a loving home if any of you kindly label running types fancy it.