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20th November 2012

Wandering Black Star


Mushy & Thread Pulls

Stranded, we gawk into the shadows of the Lair of the Minotaur. The only colour in this ruin is the ghostly glimmer of a golden chain we uncoil behind us, it connects us to the outside, or perhaps, across the millennia, to romantic audiences gawking into the shadows in the front-cover of a 4AD record,…

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16th August 2010

Ancient forms of lethality

Right now we are at the chrysalis stage, an as yet undisclosed shape metamorphosing inside a pulsating cocoon, perhaps to become Slake Moths, feast on human, animal and xenian souls, and shit bad dreams over the spires of New Crobuzon. Or maybe something else. Stare at the black slate that we are and wonder what…

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