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Grand Designs

Gaia’s sister is made of concrete and chrome, and she has two faces. One face has a name, its name is Jane of the mixed use and the vibrant neighbourhood. The other face doesn’t have a name, it has many names (which is the same thing), you will see them graffitied in cul-de-sacs and tattooed in the arms of transients, projected in a new kind of sky by the glaring insect eyes of the beast that coils below.

Babylon, Metropolis, Gotham, Big Smoke, you know the archetype.

If Gaia operates like a homeostatic system, her dark sister acts viral, vertically and horizontally, spreading like a Sim City iteration loaded with assets designed by Zaha Hadid and H.R. Giger.

The modern tradition of Chicago dance arcana works as a collection of hymns to her metastasis and darkest symptoms: aberrant sex, murderous tendencies, noise pollution, harmful design, an addiction we can’t get out of, like in VALIS’ recent remix of Joie Noire, a beastly disco creeper sloppy and awesome like pheromone italo-lipstick smeared over Molly Millions’ retractable claws, closing in for the kill over a max contrast zoetrope.

Joie Noire – Kup Kup (Valis remix)

Get the album featuring the original from Desire Records.

Golden Birthday’s ‘Eqlipst’ illustrates this mutant dusk at the micro level, and in doing so, feels like the coda of Last Highway’s unreleased prequel: Arquette and Pullman content & quiet like 1950s dolls in a chiaroscuro mock-up, no saxophone, rather, a Talking Heads 12’’ spinning in a stainless steel turntable, lovers rock straight off the new wave swamp that Carly ransacked to become eternal. And then the sinister presence glides in like a Badalamenti spectre, a manta ray of weird vibes.

Something comes over them, glimpse of violence in their eyes, a psychic infestation.

Fade in black, or maybe red.

Golden Birthday – Eqlipst (feat Beau Wanzer)

This track, which features the very awesome Beau Wanzer on guitar, is included in the Illusions LP forthcoming in Catholic Tapes.