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6th March 2013

Heartbeat Concept

(Following up our recent post on Blade Runner and its mooted sequel, here are some thoughts about that soundtrack’s contemporaries, in particular Midnight Express.) Giorgio Moroder’s Midnight Express won the Academy Award for best Original Score of 1978. An Oscar. It’s one of those things that seems vaguely absurd in retrospect, like O Superman getting…

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19th January 2013




It is a well-established fact that the most commonly used words on 20JFG are ‘runner’, ‘blade’, and ‘Vangelis’ – I just counted, and they feature even more than ‘and’ and ‘the’. And so why your brain might be telling you that you’re sick of hearing about this stuff already, we should qualify it by pointing…

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5th September 2011

Burrowing deep into the fabric of the creative economy


Shantelle & vangelis

20jazzfunkgreats has, over its seven years of operation, groomed a ‘mole’ in the offices of CENTRAL, the super-intelligence group that delivers total awesomeness to the attuned few. Our sneaky spy has lain dormant, waiting for a moment of desperation where his services (and indeed, his life) may be required. That moment is now. {Note that…

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11th May 2010

Xenoclassic Studies


Gila & vangelis

Good morning friend, open your eyes and awake into a world where all sounds have been mashed together into a nutritious drone that makes the plants grow tall so they can tingle the magenta sun with their powerful sentient limbs, and endows three out of every four children with a wide array of psychic powers,…

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17th April 2008

Science Fiction Double Feature

Hands down, above all else that has been and ever will, ‘See You Later’ is by far the best Vangelis album to ever exist. In its expanded deluxe version, it has punkish electronic bleeps seething throughout with Battlestar Galactica faux tosca beats on ‘My Love’, desert sands made of small grains of disintegrated circuit boards…

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