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Broken Window of the Soul

Featuring : Eat Skull + Wooden Shjips


We have been staring in awe at the febrile glue wave moth spiralling around an incandescent flame where timeless melodies dance & tinkle frail like undead muses always prettier under a few shovelfuls of noise and fuzz, as the good ole ancestors of the first shoegaze revolution taught us , well, it’s Eat Skull who have come up with the definitive document of this journey, it is Wild Inside, out soon in Siltbreeze.

And how? By distilling all that’s good about Americana, from Gene Clark to Glen Campbell, mournful guitars that stretch across arid landscapes like barbed wire laid down with bare hands to leave a trail of blood you can track to a heart which keeps going, echoes of rhythms resonating in the distance like the footsteps of anonymous heroes marching in the night under the attentive gaze of slender foxes, lyrics which are the invisible tattoos we all carry carved indelible in the inside of our skin. Beautiful shit, literally.

Eat Skull- Dawn in the Face


Wooden Shjips’ Fallin is the sound of La Dusseldorf driving over the speed limit under the immense dome of a starry American sky, quiet and still as if they were surfing across a photograph different shades of moon-reflected colours, eventually stop at an all nite dinner shining bright in the distance like a casino where you always roll lucky dice, pastel surfaces and steaming coffee and customers straight off the pages of a Barry Gifford novella. The music keeps playing throughout this lull in the dream of eternal propulsion, endowing the craggy and thoughtful faces with epic purpose, as if all of them were simultaneously planning a prison break from their past, steal a bank, fall in love, dig for a treasure in the middle of the desert, find eldorado in the golden sands of a middle of nowhere which is much beautiful than either origin or destination.

Wooden Shjips- Fallin’

Fallin’ closes Wooden Shjips’ new album, Dos.

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As a bonus, here you have a mixtape of songs picked here and there, I hope it makes sense to you, in a most warped of manners. We wouldn’t have any other way.



1-No Age- Things I did When I was Dead 2-Ganglians- Lost Words 3-Dillard & Clark- Polly 4-Nothing People- Pushing Buttons 5-We are Dios- Epileptic Tunnel Visions 6-Pink Floyd- Lucifer Sam 7-Twin Lion- Safest in Bearhugs 8-Ancient Crux-Coupling 9-Sun City Girls- Esoterica of Abyssinia 10-The Urinals- Black Hole 11-Eat Skull- Dawn in the Face 12-Sic Alps- Sing Song Waitress 13-TeePee- Mbiso 14-Husker Du- Never talk to you again 15-Yussuf Jerusalem-With You in Mind 16-Psychedelic Horseshit-New Wave Hippies 17-Times New Viking-Call and Response 18-Blank Dogs-Calling Over 19-The Mayfair Set- Desert Fun 20-Butthole Surfers- I Saw an X-Girl of a Girl Passing By 21-Wipers- Taking too Long

Post found in a petrol station

We live in a constant tension between the space above, away from gravity, which is the first force of reality we have to contend with when we are dragged out of the womb, and the Earth below, full of shit and pain but also warm and alive, let us take the latter route today, tread vast deserts where any direction is valid, and behind, inside every hill hides a dragon hoarding a secret.

These two numbers share a flavour of mystery and darkness, like ancient bloodstains spilled a long time ago over the floor of an anonymous motel room. You could imagine them featured in a David Lynch film, soundtracking the psycho strut of Dennis Hopper or Willem Dafoe, sliding inside a crimson den filling the atmosphere with rattlesnake poison, bad times probably, but exciting times too. Meditation trascendentalists don’t last much in this town.

Wooden Shjips (myspace) hail from San Francisco with the dark power of a satanic storm, their esoteric fuzz drenched sheets of Spaceman 3– style distortion rise in the sky like pillars of psychedelic smoke turning day into night, from the derelict belfry of a gothic church flies a shapeless swarm of bats from which there is no possible escape, trapping you inside a screeching vault populated by emaciated hippie ghosts, a sticky zone of badness which dirty people like Suicide would have called ‘home’. Feeble types like us can only stay for a short visit, least our hearts burn like cinders to pave the highways of hell.

Wooden Shjips- Loose Lips

From the Loose Lips/Start to Dreaming 7”.

Boris and Merzbow’s live album Rock Dream does what it says in the box, stoner rock noise shards of pure zenta power summoning electricity drenched winds from the heights of the bald mountain escalate into cyclopean walks down the epic side of things, that’s what happens when the heavyweight champions of heaviness get together with the Gengis Khan of Noise, this is the stuff legends are made of kids, maybe the stuff some kids are made of too, and some kids those are, kids!

In the midst of all the satisfying brutality and granitic riffage there are also sparse moments of contemplative, ethereal beauty such as Rainbow, a haunted piece of Can-like spectral funk which slides past you like ghosts in the night, like tears in the rain.

Boris and Merzbow- Rainbow.

We bid you farewell in a we hope fitting way, with a new 20JFG mixtape. We picked this up on the side of a highway we were wandering aimlessly after getting off a wooden cross where some mutant hicks had decided to nail us for a laugh, as it were. We recommend you play it while driving around the neighbourhood busting mailboxes with a baseball bat bristling with rusty nails carnage mode, one third Harry Dean Stanton in Paris Texas, two thirds Rutger Hauer in Hitcher,

Love Songs for Scorpions.

We heart you.

20JFG Mixtape: Road Kill


1-Boredoms- Super Are

2-Liars- Let’s not wrestle Mt. Heart Attack

3-Vangelis- We were all Uprooted

4-Hawkwind- Opa Loka

5-Smog- Bloodflow

6-Silver Apples- Ruby

7-Butthole Surfers- Jimmy

8-Sun City Girls- Blue Mambo

9-Flower Travellin’ Band- Satori Pt. 2

10-Comets on Fire- Brotherhood of the Harvest

11-Black Mountain- Tyrants

12-Royal Trux- Stevie (for Steven S.)

13-Buckingham Nicks- Don’t Let me Down Again

All mixed up in true 20JFG ‘punk rock styles’ using Garageband with no skills or patience whatsoever. Enjoy!


Which is but a reincarnation of the Do in a place where you shall get no bullshit.

So…an indie dance party for people who care

AT THE BARFLY (former Gloucester)



£5/4 NUS

£3 Cheaplist (REPLY TO THIS)


Liars, Jay Z, Daft Punk, Beastie Boys, Nation of Ulysses, At the Drive In, Dan Deacon, Gay Against You, Anthrax, Can, DFA79, LCD Soundsystem, Silver Apples, Andrew WK, Les Georges Leningrad, Deerhoof, The Unicorns, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Knife, Prince, Thedeathset, Best Fwends, Lovvers, Claws, My Bloody Valentine, Polysics, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Beyonce, Justice, M.I.A., Gossip, Erase Errata, Crystal Castles, The Horrors, Drive like Jehu, Slayer, Liquid Liquid, ESG, Dizzee Rascal, Public Enemy, Lightning Bolt, Hot Snakes, Black Lips, Les Savy Fav, Old Dirty Bastard, Make Up, The Fall, Talking Heads, Ramones, Pere Ubu, Le Tigre, NWA & MANY MANY MORE

X-Ray Eyes PLAY LIVE: Toy Pirate Affiliated garage sex filth party to welcome the arrival of Santa Claws with the right attitude.