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Xander Harris presents Halloween Funk Greats

(Ace photo by Devaki Knowles. Go here for more) 

Today you are lucky, or doomed, depending on how you look at it.

In the run-up to Halloween, we celebrated a series of rituals where we asked The Night for a heirloom to gift you faithful readers, on this un-holiest of occasions. A small number of small creatures were delicately shuffled off this mortal coil. Certain pestilent odours where generated. The bloody dawn crept past the horizon & over strange rocky configurations, towards the circle where we swirled and chanted.

And then we waited.

And then this;

Xander Harris presents Halloween Funk Greats Mixtape.

Which is many things. The time it takes to uncoil, and the distant aeons from where it sends its cursed knowledge. The arrangements of notes it contains, and the dense conspiracy of serial murdering it reveals. Gibberish hurled into the stern sky by awful witches, and the inevitable reaction. A cloud which isn’t a cloud but a writhing sphere of black snakes, floating above the bonfire. A vector of madness corrupting the web, accompanied by the following message from its convenor, that Mad Scholar Xander Harris:

“I take my Halloween really seriously and I would have given this out to friends anyway so this was really fun to do.  This is a weird mix, just so you know.  It’s got electro but it has a lot of weird doom metal and black metal and other crazy shit.  I basically picked a theme of a dysfuntional Halloween party.  The beginning starts out slow and creepy to get everyone in the mood.  Then people get drunker and start dancing and acting a little weird but not too weird.  By the end, they’re all completely knackered re-enacting scenes of the Wicker Man.

Which is the way we hope your night pans out. We have the tracklist for this mixtape but have decided against sharing it with you for now, as that  would be a bit like giving away the ending (he comes back from the dead btw). Those with the dark lore, reveal it in the scroll on the side.

And as you do this, watch your back.