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A Waiting Room in Los Angeles

Featuring : YPN

Two things that spring to mind listening to YPY’s excellent album 2020:

Where to Now?, the label releasing this, have managed to maintain an incredible consistency across their experimental output.  Aesthetics in record label-ing seems to have fallen out of fashion — at roughly the same velocity as the money to be made from releasing music.  Yet, WTN? continue to put out record after record, made by people all over the world and they all just feel…right.

As a sort of wicked corollary to that, YPY’s album’s all over the place.  It veers from Noise, through EBM, segues into Industrial and eventually lands at today’s track, Soup.

YPY – Soup

Soup’s a moment of calm at the centre of the album.  Minimal Techno — shorn of that genre’s reputation for cold detachment — it feels like being inside the womb of a great, futuristic ziggurat.  The mass of humanity managing to only inflict itself on the internal surfaces: the micro; the macro remains unmoved.  But within the corridors and waiting rooms, a softness as the machinery of the building’s administration continues to hum.  What melody there is, appropriately enough, sounds like the pleasant sound of mainframes reporting that all is well.

YPY’s album, 2020 is out on Where to Now? Records…now.  You can get it direct (digitally and on vinyl) right here.

Awesome artwork by Nico Krijno