Featuring :
555 – Nine Gates

Rain of juke beats
like shooting stars, look inside them;
The quanta leap

Aphex Twin – Syro

Cyborg roadrunner
p-funks down the twisty road
Bleep bleep bleep brain dances

Arca – Xen

Terminal garden,
let’s twerk down its neon paths.
Hunt conscience with dogs

Ariel Kalma – An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings 1972 – 1979)

Poem wave washes you
to drown in infinite bliss
and become poem wave

Austin Wintory / Banner Saga

Is it wind or song?
Ghosts of loved ones in the frost.
Chess played with blades

Ben Frost – A U R O R A

A pit of black light
Mega-dragon ribcage rattles;
No hope for hobbits

Bing and Ruth – Tomorrow Was The Golden Age

Celestial penthouse
For a banquet of pure bliss;
Sadness rings the bell

Black Rain – Dark Pool

A darkly scanner
reads strange beats in future days;
Posthuman birdsong

Blue Fourteen – Henry Plotnick

They say ‘new Phil Glass’
we say ‘perfect tone patterns’
Let mind melt away

Bosques – El Centro del Vacio

Autobahn faun
Of woods old and big and wise
Do you ever feel sad?

Constantina – Pelicano

Pelican so proud,
Environment so broken,
Guitars twinkly soul

Craig Leon – Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1

Across space and time
With drones and scuttling synths
He speaks wisdom to me

Cut Hands – Festival of the Dead

Bad mamba blinks twice
Flashback of primeval spring
I’m forever the prey

Dark Souls 2

Land of sun and blood
We return to your sadness
And we see you died


I’m no BF Skinner,
just a wizard come from the moon.
Cosmo-drone grinds on

Earth – Primitive and Deadly

Razor-tooth guitar tone,
Sonic invocations,
Demon anthems yeah

Fujiya & Miyagi – Artificial Sweeteners

Hip hop Acid fools
Make like Byrne and Damo Suzuki
This may be pop

George Theodorakis – The Rules of the Game (Original Studio Recordings 1978 – 1996)

A soul spirals free
Above the Aegean Sea
Salty drums and blue!

Gold Zebra – S/T

Dreamed glittering nights
Echoing through the discotheque
Singing softly to me

Grouper – Ruins

Tapes hiss in cold rooms
The atmosphere of quiet words
Sings a piano

Hip Hop Family Tree 1981-83 Comic

Rn’B is dull
Hip Hop and Rap rule are cool
young punks rage hard

Holly Herndon live at Reality is a Trap

Jpegs rain like acid
over the city of bits.
Can I still love here?

Holly Herndon – Home video
Hyperdub 10th Anniversary Compilations

My Tron bike so bling
Through neon neo-London fields;
Geometric saudade


Linear trails of tears;
In the deep cube of space
The Tesseract Dances

Jenny Hval & Susanna – Meshes of Voice

Similar faces both,
Similar voices oh yes,
Beauty everywhere

JT The Goon – Twin Warriors EP

Across Eastern worlds
Totemic samurais stand
Ready for battle

Kassem Mosse – Workshop 19

No one maximal
along this track but I.
This is it.

Linda Perhacs – The Soul of All Natural Things

Electroma love,
Psychedelic folk icon,
Delicious shimmer

Laker – Mountain Divide

Swelling analogue lava
Senses of a multiverse
chaos consumes

Mark Barrott – Sketches from an Island (Album)

Light through tree branches
The endless sweet songs of birds
Balearic heaven

Under the Skin

What things do you feel?
Are you happy, horny, sad?
Come into our pool.

Moon Gangs – Moon Gangs (EP)

In space, between worlds
Gravity pounds like a drum
Spheres hum in response

Murlo – entire 2014 output

Otherworldly temples;
Frozen in space-time

Murlo – Into Mist video
Neneh Cherry – Blank Project

Neneh mit Four Tet,
Rocketnumber9 Robyn,
Smalltown Supersound


My Jinteki deck
brings all the hackers to the ground,
this ice, is the flatline of you

OOIOO – Gamel

Balinese breakdancers,
Felinese Punk Kawaii.
Dung for Eden fields

Pye Corner Audio – all the things of 2014

Love of futurism
embracing of imperfection
decay in truth

Scott Walker & Sunn O))) – Soused

Brando masochist,
Scott Walker sadist,
O’Malley-Anderson observe

Shadow Shadow – Riviera

pop for the dead TV channel
bathed in green sunlight

Sungod – Sungod

Beware Yggdrasil’s moshpit
for mighty sorcerers lie there.
Make man bear storm sun

Suzi Quatro – Warm leatherette

All hail Glam goddess
Time continuum oddity
Electronica classic

Swans – To Be Kind

Clang clang clang clang clang,
Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang,
Clang clang clang clang clang

Todd Terje & Bryan Ferry- Johnny and Mary

Roxy are the best
Trendy neu disco Palmerness
Beautiful sadness

True Detective

If Carcosa is hell then
What’s this blasted heath, brother?
A ring, flat, endless.

Vangelis Katsoulis – The Sleeping Beauties

Vangelic dusk and
light breeding new dimensions.
At Reich’s veranda

Where II Dance

In Chicago bauhaus
I found that crazy rhythm.
Two bros forge ahead

The Wicked and the Divine

Oh wow so famous
So wow so wonderful now
So reality

William Gibson live

No maps for these realms,
just a drawling tortoise shaman.
Skies like dead TV channels

Z – Visions of Dune

Synthetic vortices
Flow like the spice must
Z’s the mind blaster