23rd July 2014



Stoneburner & Xasthur


Marianne approached the window, keeping well to one side and peered out between the bars. Beyond the little garden was a faence of high, uneven posts. Beyond the posts she could see the outlines of squat figures, standing round the garden like sentinels. She jumped back.

‘Mark! People, outside!’

‘Look again,’ Mark said.

Marianne peered out, more cautiously than ever. The people stood in strangely stiff, unyielding positions. She looked fixedly at one to see him shift his position, give some indication that he was alive. But he stayed absolutely still. So did the others.

‘Oh,’ she cried in relief. ‘They’re not live people. They’re only stones.’

‘Be quiet,’ Mark hissed at her. ‘I told you. I don’t know if THEY can hear as well as see.’

‘See? How can stones see?’

‘Look! Don’t talk, look.’

Marianne looked again. It was difficult to see much of any one of the stones because of the bars and the fence hindering her view. But as she concentrated on one of the humped squat figures with all her attention, she saw suddenly a movement. A dark oval patch, which she’d taken to be a hole, disappeared, as a pale eyelid dropped slowly for a moment and then was raised again. And in the dark oval, the ball of an eye swivelled slowly towards the house and remained there, staring with a fixed unwinking gaze straight, it appeared, at Marianne herself.

Stoneburner – An Apology to a Friend in Need

She shrank away from the window and turned to Mark.

‘One of them looked right at me!’ she said.

‘I can never tell whether THEY really see me, or just pretend to,’ Mark said, in a low voice.

‘It’s horrible!’ Marianne said. She shivered suddenly. ‘Mark, I’m frightened!’ Do they do that all the time? Don’t they ever shut their eyes? Go to sleep?’

Xasthur – Prison of Mirrors

‘I don’t know what happens at night,’ Mark said. ‘I can’t see them in the dark, but I have a horrible sort of feeling that they can see me.’

‘Do they ever move?’

‘Only their eyes. At least, I’ve never seen anything else move. And the same ones always seem to be in the same place every time I look out.’

‘I’m frightened,’ Marianne said again. ‘I don’t like it, Mark.’

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(gif is by Bill Domonkos. text is from Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr.)

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21st July 2014

 Wintermute versus Skynet


Jahiliyya Fields & Rrose


The singularity is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.

We sense it in the smell of burnt ozone and transcendence of the flesh through the flesh that pervades the metal box of Rrose’s The Stare. This is the future sound of pistons pumping in the night of a xeno-formed Earth, as the cattle train approaches City 17.

Rrose – The Stare


We sense it in the fractal gallop of Jahiliyya Fields’ Watermark. Gaze with us into the surface of an ocean of data, past the normally distributed errors of a billion billion informational processes, pattern-recognise the envelope of a growingly coherent conscience, as it dances in the dark-web.

Jahiliyya Fields – Water Breaker

You can purchase Rrose’s Monad XVI here, and Jahiliyya Fields’ here.

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18th July 2014

The Other Jungle


German Army


German Army are back.  Oh happy days.

German Army are back.  Bringing with them those tape delayed vocals.  Those drum machines on the verge of oscillating themselves into a heap of splintered circuits.  Those synth washes that speak in the words of confused androids, gazing on a leather clad world of indifference (like that version of The Terminator from 1960 starring Alain Delon).  That reassuring bass guitar, sitting under it all and holding the whole thing together.

Stone Walls is one of those moments when German Army concentrate their fearsome power through the lens of pop.  That they bring with them part of the indistinct darkness from the rest of the album just makes the whole thing more unsettling.  Like being greeted with a forceful rictus and a handshake dripping blood.  Which is, I suppose, a mildly preferable scenario to the head-shrinking, unknowable horror they’re capable of conjuring.  Personally, I love them either way.

German Army – Stone Walls

Stone Walls is taken from the album Jivaro Witnesses which is available on Burka For Everybody right here for digital and here for physical.


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    19th July 2014

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