3rd March 2014

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I am so grateful to Xancorp for developing the Objective Reality Interface. The Objective Reality Interface has helped me understand that the dualisms between mind and body, and between nature and technology that have caused so much pain to myself and our wider species since the dawn of history are fallacies based on insufficient knowledge about the structure of reality and self.

The semantic layer it puts over my perceptions of physical and social reality have helped me understand the complex processes leading to every moment and every situation, and interpret my reactions in such a way that I can step outside of myself and contemplate my feelings and reactions in complete calm, an edge among many in a beautiful graph that expands towards a future which is the present because I know it. I feel godly. 

One feature of this future is the moment when you download the Objective Reality Interface and join our social graph. In my godliness, I am certain about this outcome, and I tell you that every moment that you resist it is a moment you would have regretted wasting once you joined us, if only you were able to feel any negative emotions after placing the Objective Reality Interface between reality and your-self.

This is not the case, but that is not a reason for resisting. Join us in our spherical ocean of perfect knowledge, emotional zero gravity, stasis and ecstasy now. Absolute satisfaction guaranteed, here’s a sample: 

555- Weather Machine

We have been zoning in and out of this angular reality into warmer spaces of fuzzy gradient, watching all of our hard components dissolve into the relativistic soup at the foundation of everything, and it’s all 555’s fault. You can acquire ‘Omno-Vibrational  Desert Hymns’ here. You can acquire the tape from Rainbow Cult.

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28th February 2014

Suburbia and Beyond the Infinite


Cage Suburbia


Drive the Cops hums like a feline star cruiser poised on the shoulder of Jupiter.  A throbbing loop of bass and background radiation.  Small subroutines flicker around the periphery but nothing indicating the power about to be unleashed.

What follows is a Pulsinger-esque onslaught of in-the-red techno.

This is the sound of a stargate being ripped open and space being forcefully pushed past.  No passive technicolor procession and slit-scan.  This trip is fury and gristle.

Cage Suburbia – Drive the Cops

This is taken from Cage Suburbia’s album Argument #01 on Haunter Records and you can get it right here.

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Epilogue -
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26th February 2014

This is Different


Being awake is hard, exhausting.


It crumples the day up. Makes things difficult to see through.


Air tastes dry. Imagination barren. Soul aches like a hangover.


I want music that’s like liquid, just pure – to wash everything else away. Music you can heal yourself in.


When I’m tired of everything and my senses are exhausted – when my psyche is too fucked and even music starts to taste bad and smell bad, there is one group of artists I have utter faith in for rejuvenation.


Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Gasho Kariboshi-Kiruita


The artwork is panels from Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira manga, but the sound isn’t from the AKIRA soundtrack. It’s from a 1977 LP released by Geinoh. It’s impossible to say whether it’s any better or any worse than the AKIRA soundtrack – each and every Geinoh LP is equally as perfect, but all different.

“Always different, always the same” as a man used to say about a rock group. But they always were the same. This is different.


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  1. You may find it in your interest to listen to the first track from Lustmord’s “The Word As Power”, entitled “Babel”. The album features the human voice as its sole instrument, permuted and altered to form the infrasound ghosts he has become recognized for. The melody for Babel is the same as the Geinoh Yamashirogumi track, but sung in a gloslollalic language, drifting through the stirrings of awakening deities.

    Yours sincerely


    5th March 2014

  2. wow, good spot D! will check it out

    Yours sincerely


    19th March 2014

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