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27th January 2014

Sings from Space

Like one of those curious gentlemen in a Lovecraft weird tale, Joel Vandroogenbroeck had been in quite a journey by the time he made contact with nameless horrors from the void: he had been in psychedelic battles in Brainticket, attended gamelan school in Java, and been exposed to the oscillator by Tangerine Dream and Klaus…

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18th February 2013

Pastoral Nightclub

20JFG went on a trip this weekend, without stepping on train, bus or plane, this trip didn’t even require walking. We flicked a switch in the desktop of this machine, and we were washed ashore in Proteus. What is Proteus? In haste: 1. Proteus is a procedurally generated 8-bit island developed by Cambridge programmer Ed…

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23rd July 2012

Now we know what gives it mass, but what gives it soul?


Black Sky Chant

Black Sky Chants’ awesomely titled ‘I’ll sleep until I see the moon’ cassette is a mass celestial download of messages from civilisations that are, in some cases, beyond dust, and in others, after resurrection. You can read in its tracks what you will, aesthetic eruptions in Solaris’ id, or messages from our alien fifth column’s…

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7th June 2012

The cosmic fiddle


Mind Over Mirrors

Recent excavations in the Appalachian Mountains carried out by personnel at the Department of Geology at Miskatonic University have unearthed an artificial cave complex brimming with enigma. What has been found there that has sent the academic networks into an paroxysm of debate, speculation and gossip? It’s not the smoothness with which the millennial passages…

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21st February 2012

The New Slow

(Excerpt from a column for Wired Magazine by Kevin Kelly’s cryogenically preserved brain, Standard Year 2104. Note that we have pruned it down from 30k words. Images from Sci-fi-o-rama and 50watts). I remember our apocalyptic fears at the beginning of the millennium. No, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill eschatology, the advent of the saviour,…

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20th February 2012

The Wild Blue Yodel


Drexciya & Panabrite

As you know, 20jazzfunkgreats operates from Brighton and Hove, a tatty boulevard of half-fulfilled dreams that dips its crumbling belly in the Sea. The Sea brands our soul, and that of our fellow citizens, with the imprint of its mysterious undercurrents, promises of freedom and a hint of rot, the Sea drives us mad. We…

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21st November 2011

Marooned in a placid ocean of candle-scented syrup

(He has all the answers) 20jazzfunkgreats has applied a sound-mining algorithm to its e-mail intake and established that, after filtering out the trash (90% overall), 45% of what remains falls within the loose boundaries of new age-new kosmische-new minimalism-new ambient or combinations thereof (this is after accounting for the longer average length of songs within…

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25th July 2011

A fistful of sky

(And again) Whenever Philip K. Dick looked out of the window of his house in the suburbs, he saw an Eye in the Sky, unblinking, terrible. He toiled under its gaze, on paranoid symphonies to give the eye voice. 20jazzfunkgreats have it way easier, for they see a mouth, the mouth opens, its breath is…

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