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23rd April 2014

Sonick Tarot Deck

(image is Depression by Victoria Lincoln) Four sides of vinyl, each containing one track. Yet this Father Murphy EP has 10 tracks in total… how so? Because each side has been intended to be played back simultaneously with another side of vinyl, or standalone, opening up a variety of aural combinations. This is doubtless regarded as…

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19th February 2014

The Spaces Between The Notes


Jute Gyte

(art is by Marcelo Bordese) In the spaces between the notes, there are demons. This is why indie has that interminable Prozac jangle to its guitar playing. It isn’t because indie guitarists just play in major keys instead of minor – no, it’s because they don’t know about the demons. They’re there – squished in-between the…

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9th September 2013

On how to get humans to fail the Turing Test.


Basic House & Blanck Mass

Last night*, the 20Jazzfunkgreats arrived home late, exhausted after a day spent speeding down the humanity-crammed tunnels of the circulatory system of the big smoke. Too exhausted to jump inside the digital skin of an avatar, and speed over the nascent AI-crammed streets of the skin of Liberty City (with anticipation about GTA V’s forthcoming…

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1st May 2013

Never Bored

First thought was an unpleasant one: Ariel Pink. I know that might be considered blasphemy, especially from one of the several mouths in the giant mercurial Cerberus-face that is XXJFG, and yeah that Tascam Portatudio sound was a smear of loveliness in itself, and Pink did had an entire genresworth of back catalogue committed to…

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27th November 2012

Tamla Mo Space


Peach & Plum

If we had to grant this year’s award for polymathematic capability as estimated using music variation & imagination indicators, Tech Honors would win. He is also up there as a front-runner (or forerunner, we quite enjoyed Halo 4, natch) for debut of the year not with one album, but two – first, Dinosaur on Fire’s…

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3rd September 2012

Floating Islands: Their Time Has Come


Dinosaur on Fire

Transluminal – a compilation of Jim Burns’ paintings for various sci-fi books – took a brief break in our hands during its transit between Forbidden Planet and its final recipient. While it did, we browsed through its pages. It was like gazing from our homely veranda into otherworldly horizons & alternative realities we usually visit through sound and word,…

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30th January 2012

More than Human


Coolio Franco & Crisne

The dystopian scenarios of the cyberpunk literature explore the distributional outcomes of a winner-takes-all tech-powered economy, where the powerful get their kicks out of implementing convoluted conspiracies, meddling with drugs, perversion and crime as a the only channel to reintroduce uncertainty in their sheltered and spoiled lives. Creativity and innovation still thrive in the forlorn…

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