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Winter has come

Featuring : Ditt Inre + Lord Boyd


A cascading, disjointed fall through the mp3s this week.  First up is Lord Boyd who sent us something he thoughts we’d like in the form of Ghosts in the Phantom (evidently before the name was changed in the artwork above — where the other ghosts have gone, who knows?).  This was subsequently buried beneath an explosion of email and general inbox chaos until being unearthed in a Christmas cleansing ritual.  But it’s here now and that’s what matters.

Imagine the blue winter morning of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic.  The beginning bit with the bells heralding the arrival of some lush French house.  Imagine the smoke rising from that pretty 19th century landscape, looped.  The church bell tightly oscillating at an obscene angle, its toll already fading, as the whole scene stutters.

Then imagine the whole thing ripped asunder as Chicago rises from the ground.  Glorious swathes of Footwork surrounded by swarming chrome angles that will eventually rest on the highest spires.  Civilization spills out like a flood, colonizing the land with myriad melodies and strange ideas, all competing for control of the song.  The cacophony sometimes runs away with itself but the wisdom of the crowds is unquestionable.


You can hear the rest of the Ghost in the Phantom EP here.


Another pre-Christmas attempt at contact came from the ever wonderful Cascine label.  This was perhaps best suited to the solitary introspection that goes on in some of the 20JFG household(s) during the festivities.

Ditt Inre’s Din Röst is all sparse Dub, reverb rich and comforting.  Sadly not speaking Swedish we can’t comment on what exactly is being discussed but it sounds like a ritual of some sort by well meaning monks.  Perhaps welcoming in the winter or exalting in the death of their foes.  Which is all monks do.

When the blanket of bass lifts it becomes gloriously spectral.  As if this winter the monks were welcoming was the sort that left a blinding blanket of snow upon beautiful white trees.  The sort of winter that sees sunlight turning the equally snow blanketed ground to jewels.  The monks levitating in pure love for the season and spirits dancing through the trees.  That sort of spectral.

It’s probably not what the song’s about.  Sorry.

Ditt Inre – Din Röst

Out now on Cascine.  You can buy it here.


Collatoral Vice

Featuring : Picture

Some music makes people want to write a novel.  Some music makes them want to draw.  Some music…some music makes us want to make ice cold action films.  Films where stoic masculine archetypes speak in affected, muscular sentences; never revealing their inner life and always describing their power relationships to the world.  Y’know, Michael Mann films.

We’re not shy of our uncritical adulation of Mr Mann (one of 20JFG has seen Miami Vice more times than anyone really should).  Mostly because he still deploys unashamedly epic, emotive music to soundtrack his unashamedly epic visuals that envelope his hyper-masculine matrys.  Where others hide behind sly pop-culture references or lean on the ever-present crutch of conventional orchestration, Mann looks you straight in the eye and tells you it’s time to go to Cuba and play Autorock.  (Although Linkin Park – I just hope that one was forced on you Michael).  Where Herzog had Popul Vuh construct dense, referential scores for his battles with Kinski, Mann seems always to bias his soundtracks towards music that just sound fucking cool over visual that…just look fucking cool. Vive le Cinema du Look!

Which quite obviously brings us on to today’s mp3:

Picture’s Malmo City Tunnel is, I think it fair to say, unabashedly epic.  There is a tunnel in LA where crews often film.  It’s lined with tiles and the lights of the cars look incredible refracted around its interior.  Deckard drives through it in Blade Runner.  As the continental synths drift over the looped choir that begins Malmo City Tunnel you can’t help but overlay the winter-light-tropes of Sweden on top of another plunge through an urban centre.  The Malmo City Tunnel is a rail line beneath that city, yet Picture make us think of flying.  The looped reverberating time-stretched vocal helps the waves of synths push against the edges of its wide, widescreen vistas.  Gliding and soaring, where by all rights we should be descending.

Picture – Malmo City Tunnel

Malmo City Tunnel is taken from Picture’s EP, True.  That’ll be out soon on the Cascine label.

Week 4 – Stasis

Featuring : Architeuthis Rex + RxGibbs

Week 4 and Exile is turning into residence.

Two cascading pieces of electronic music.

RxGibbs‘ Proxy falls through the hazy memories of a Kompakt future: a land of brushed metal and milk.  Where reclaimed architectural units of the past; are put into service as the unblinking backdrop; to the entropy of elegance into decadence.  The crisp frame to the final moments of a 48 hour binge.

RxGibbs’ Proxy continues to fall.  Straight through the part 4AD , part Gainsbourg ecstatic/mournful signing of a female voice.  Falling back to the ghostly wireframes of piano house — a dubby place now populated by breeding pairs of Minimal House-oids (a northern European species).

Falling through the synth strains that sound rather like a choral rendition of the metal on metal of banking trains.  Falling through the glorious repetition.  Falling eventually to a pillow soft stop that belies its mechanical reproduction.  Blissful.

RxGibbs – Proxy

Proxy is taken from the Futures EP which is out on February 21st on Cascine.

Crisne returns to 20JFG after Monday’s excursion, this time with Antonio Gallucci in…Architeuthis Rex.

Sometimes, when listening before reading, we stare up at the laptop screen — after hearing something particularly amazing — to make a note of the song title.  This is both in the expectation that it will shed some light on what we’re hearing and so we can find it easier later.  As the brutal looping assault began we knew we in love and, glancing up to see the object of our affection we saw it, there, in grey and white: SpaceMetal#1.

We should have known.

Beginning with the (universally recognised) modulating sound of space’s vacuum, under the pulse of a beacon: we are in space.  A deliciously ominous loop replaces our beacon and metallic shuffling replaces our modulating space sound.  And it grows.  It grows in that creeping way that only a very gradual curve can, almost insidious in its oozing volume.

And lo, there was Metal.  Compressed into the narrowest of beams; a million shreds crying out as one and then refracted.  The pulsating loop obliterating any semblance of structure and time and space.  It’s as if Slayer were placed near a singularity, drums slowed down, guitars accelerated to the point of drone, a human voice desperately clawing its way back from the event horizon.

Architeuthis Rex – SpaceMetal #1

Architeuthis Rex’s album Urania came out on Utech last year.  Go get!

And finally, a plug for our brothers and sisters at Ad Hoc who launched their Kickstarter this week.  Head on over and see if anything takes your fancy or, of course, if you’re feeling altruistic…

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