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18th January 2013

Winter has come


Ditt Inre & Lord Boyd

A cascading, disjointed fall through the mp3s this week.  First up is Lord Boyd who sent us something he thoughts we’d like in the form of Ghosts in the Phantom (evidently before the name was changed in the artwork above — where the other ghosts have gone, who knows?).  This was subsequently buried beneath an…

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13th July 2012

Collatoral Vice



Some music makes people want to write a novel.  Some music makes them want to draw.  Some music…some music makes us want to make ice cold action films.  Films where stoic masculine archetypes speak in affected, muscular sentences; never revealing their inner life and always describing their power relationships to the world.  Y’know, Michael Mann…

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3rd February 2012

Week 4 – Stasis

Week 4 and Exile is turning into residence. Two cascading pieces of electronic music. RxGibbs‘ Proxy falls through the hazy memories of a Kompakt future: a land of brushed metal and milk.  Where reclaimed architectural units of the past; are put into service as the unblinking backdrop; to the entropy of elegance into decadence.  The crisp frame…

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