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2nd May 2014

Ex Medici


Jonas Reinhardt

Welcome back Jonas Reinhardt.  Welcome back to 20JFG, where we’ll attempt to describe your music, ethereal as it is.  And this time you’ve bought a friend.  And that friend is a moon. We’ve slept on this one a bit — somewhat fittingly as our ability to post music is occasionally measured on a planetary timeframe. …

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8th January 2014

Spaced-out Soul

(gif is by davidope) In space, no one can hear you scream. But what about in time? In fiction, space is usually depicted as an empty, cold, haunted place – full of fear. Stories involving time travel, though, are not fearful but full of melancholy. As the fandom-loathed BBC Cardiff’s in-house bombast meister Murray Gold…

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12th August 2013

Hold hands and it will happen elsewhere

(Concept art for Tron, illustration by Peter Lloyd based on a Syd Mead design, via here.) We continue the Constellation Tatsu bonanza after III Professor last Monday with three cassette releases that together comprise a ‘Summer Adventure Pt. II’ to bootstrap another summer holiday within your summer holiday or non-holiday, a transversal expedition into another…

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5th August 2013

Songs for a dying Earth

  The Last of Us is a majestic accomplishment for many reasons. Arching over them is the seamless coming together of history, setting, mood and gameplay. The game is about surviving in a world wacked out of civilisation by a fungal plague that turns people into mindless, bloodthirsty, craggy excrescence-matted creatures. This leads to societal…

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18th February 2013

Pastoral Nightclub

20JFG went on a trip this weekend, without stepping on train, bus or plane, this trip didn’t even require walking. We flicked a switch in the desktop of this machine, and we were washed ashore in Proteus. What is Proteus? In haste: 1. Proteus is a procedurally generated 8-bit island developed by Cambridge programmer Ed…

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12th December 2012

A Good Place To Think About Not Thinking

(Image is Meditation Hood by Sea Moon.) Admittedly the closest we come to praying is whenever a new series of Doctor Who starts and we’re hoping Moffat and Gatiss don’t find yet more ways to abominate the great classics of British design that are the Daleks and the Doctor Who theme, so while we might…

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