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14th July 2014

Experimental evidence of massive-scale epic state contagion through oneiric networks


Leisure Birds

Epic states can be transferred to others via oneiric networks, leading people to experience epic states without their awareness. Oneiric contagion is well established in religious experiments, with people experiencing epic sensations and epiphanies through oneiric networks. Data from an all-encompassing astral network, collected over a 5000 year period suggests that longer-lasting states (e.g., enlightenment, transcendence,…

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2nd June 2014

Wall of sound of the worlds


555 & Telequanta

(Image part of 50watt’s latest Space Teriyaki) According to their cosmology, when the Creator (Toem) went to war against Entropy (Uhcf), she sweated profusely, and each of the pearls of her sweat dropped through nothingness. Eventually, Toem vanquished Uhcf to the end of the road of each thing, and, before passing, instituted the rules for…

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6th December 2013

Conan the Vain


Lord Dog Bird

In a world where Conan the Barbarian was a thinly veiled remake of the Seventh Seal, producer Dino De Laurentiis has convinced Max von Sydow to prepare for his reworking of the role with a cocktail of steroids and codeine.  While the titan of Swedish cinema bench presses dragons, De Laurentiis approaches Brian Eno to…

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22nd November 2013

The Glory of Your Cosmic Irrelevance


Million Brazilians

When, in 1972, the Cthulhu cult made an infomercial* to promote their progressive forest based invocation ceremonies they reached out across time to the licensing department at Moon Glyph. Once the envelope — made up of folds so geometrically impossible that three postmen went insane in the process of delivering it — arrived, it was…

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27th August 2013

Made it to the top 5 of the Khajit Singularitatian Church



Look there at the 20jazzfunkgreats people, levitating over a circle of stones behind their crumbling castle, what looks like an animist ritual and a paranormal manifestation is in truth a scientific experiment they are conducting, of disciplines yet to be codified in journals, conferences and paradigms. The seed of these new sciences floats in some…

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18th March 2013



Cloudface & FWY

They sure liven things up, those visitors. We don’t see much people around nowadays. The farms only employ robots, and most of the youth moved to the coast, where the connection speeds are way faster. Those who have stayed work and live in the webs. They rarely leave their houses. Their bodies are here, but…

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26th November 2012

Arp of the Covenant

When we listen to albums like ‘Arp Navigators’, by 20Jazzfunkgreats heroes Food Pyramid & Roy Orb D. MT., there is one archetype that comes to mind, every time. It is the Warrior on the Edge of Time that Hawkwind photographed for the front-cover of the self-same album. Therein is condensed the vastness of feeling of…

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6th July 2012

Peer Review



Here in the UK our July 4th was marked by two events, inadvertently competing for the news cycle. On the one hand we have the barely comprehendible Libor fraud; perpetrated by those with a strong financial incentive to defraud; an environment of catastrophe in 2008 providing the old end-times opt-out of morality.  If the world’s on fire, why…

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12th March 2012

Coming Down

It is fitting that we hear of Jean Giraud’s (aka Mœbius) passing away under a clear & warm spring sky, akin to those he so deftly depicted in his fantastic illustrations. We feel a great sadness, as if a gate into awesome universes had shut down forever. We feel gratitude that it ever opened, and…

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2nd March 2012

week 7 – Avenues of Escape

Witness the return of existential heroes, plunging forward into their complex worlds.  The hero’s engagement with it eroded by the vast Socio-corporate forces assaulting them at every turn.  The alternative to the quick death of engagement and the long madness of paranoia: to drive. Xander Harris brings us the banging spectral harmonies and Night Drive…

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27th February 2012

A scanner, soundly


FWY & NHK'Koyxeи

(Image sourced from the Phil Dick covers archive) Music is our alternate reality generator. It scaffolds the environments that we transverse and dwell on, splashing the masses with Romero red, Lang black, or Neo-Tokyo cell-shades, as we dodge them towards the toothbrush section of the drug-store. The semiotics of the dodging are themselves altered –…

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21st February 2012

The New Slow

(Excerpt from a column for Wired Magazine by Kevin Kelly’s cryogenically preserved brain, Standard Year 2104. Note that we have pruned it down from 30k words. Images from Sci-fi-o-rama and 50watts). I remember our apocalyptic fears at the beginning of the millennium. No, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill eschatology, the advent of the saviour,…

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12th December 2011


20jazzfunkgreats has been delving into the early history of computer graphics and animation – the way in which digits give life to moving images that eventually, touched by the finger of genius, are imbued with an illusion of intelligence and soul, arguably artifice for now (although who knows what those cowboys and astronauts get up…

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25th November 2011

Delightfully Odd Music

Deep Earth return to the pages of 20JFG with a track from their split with Food Pyramid (who took the time to leave a lengthy comment on Monday’s post — both post and comment are well worth reading). Kontraband teases as a synth led Miami Vice Balearic stormer, all mid-2000′s slo-disco swagger.  Yet the Bladerunner…

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21st November 2011

Marooned in a placid ocean of candle-scented syrup

(He has all the answers) 20jazzfunkgreats has applied a sound-mining algorithm to its e-mail intake and established that, after filtering out the trash (90% overall), 45% of what remains falls within the loose boundaries of new age-new kosmische-new minimalism-new ambient or combinations thereof (this is after accounting for the longer average length of songs within…

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7th June 2011

On how to cure irrevocable poisons

(Otoman architecture via 50 Watts) As we descend parallel to the spike that impales the heart of the province over which our tower rises we reach a damp oubliette whose walls are covered in mysterious scribbles, the descent continues into the darkness, but we have never gone further, for an old man of foreboding countenance…

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25th April 2011

Seven and III

Ideas for sacred cows and discourse: The term krautrock is itself a derogatory and racist category invented by English music journalists. Tangerine dream is the music your dad/weird uncle/granddad made in their bedroom and kept trying to make you listen to. Faust were signed by Richard Branson, and their song Krautock is an in-joke on those who…

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2nd December 2010

Abandon grey all who enter here


Food Pyramid

The chasers of the secret lore are a shady tribe who collect analogue relics from a bygone era, align their intricate switches in certain configurations like a gilded key into invisible lock to open the gates of humanity’s dream-state to all sorts of wonderful reveries and visitations. Food Pyramid are part of the crew, the…

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