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17th August 2013

20JFG Podcast: Chevalier Avant Garde

Joining us for our infrequent Saturday mixtape club this week is Chevalier Avant Garde who eschew the bouncing temple pop of Heterotopias for a woozy desert shore.  If Peckinpah had made Cowboys Vs Aliens* and if the Aliens had killed almost everyone and fucked off before the film even started, this would sound track it…

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26th January 2013

20JFG Podcast: Holodeck Winter Mix


Holodeck & Podcast

  Austin’s Holodeck is one of 20JFG’s favourite labels in the world right now. We are thankful because they have supplied us, since they started operating about a year ago, with a rich arsenal of anti-weapons that have strengthened us psychically and, more recently, helped us to survive the Winter. They have kindly honoured us…

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