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Saturday mixtape : The very power hungry fart

Featuring : Podcast


On Monday morning he ate through democracy, but he was still hungry for power.

On Tuesday he objectified and degraded women, but he was still hungry for power.

On Wednesday he decided people of a different skin color were inferior to him, but he was still hungry for power.

On Thursday he decided people with a different sexual orientation to him were unacceptable, but he was still hungry for power.

On Friday he built a death star and pointed it at everyone who he disagreed with.


  1. emit wind from the anus.
  2. waste time on silly or trivial things.


  1. an emission of wind from the anus.
  2. a boring or contemptible person.


  1. Attractive articles of little value or use.
  2. Practices or beliefs that are superficially or visually appealing but have little real value or worth.


  1. Showy but worthless.
  2. Delusive or shallow.

XXJFG Elected mixtape – Nominative determinism

20JFG Mixtape: Memes of the Witch House

Featuring : Podcast


The Fitbit keeps malfunctioning. Every morning when I get up, it tells me that I have walked several miles. Maybe it is all the thrashing about in bed. Yes, I haven’t been sleeping well. I feel tired and achy all the time.

Perhaps I should take it easier with my thesis, but it is hard. I feel that I am on the verge of a big breakthrough, I can’t stop now. The basic insight is simple: space noise isn’t just random. Rather, it is random but not because it doesn’t have an intelligent source. It is random because this intelligence is chaotic. I think I am pretty close to finding its location.

But the closer I get, the worse I sleep. The worse the dreams get. Viscous things thrashing in the darkness. An indescribable flotilla approaching. A rat grimacing at me with its wicked, deformed face. I think I have also seen it in my social media feed, I scroll back down but I can’t find it.

I should talk with my supervisor and perhaps take a break, but I’m so close, I’m so close. I gaze into the night sky and can almost glimpse a gate about to open. I listen to the space noise and I hear the beginning of an awful melody, a lullaby sung in a place far away, and so I fall asleep again, with a mixture of dread and anticipation.

Memes of the Witch House 20JFG Mixtape

Happy Halloween!

20JFG Podcast: Chevalier Avant Garde


Joining us for our infrequent Saturday mixtape club this week is Chevalier Avant Garde who eschew the bouncing temple pop of Heterotopias for a woozy desert shore.  If Peckinpah had made Cowboys Vs Aliens* and if the Aliens had killed almost everyone and fucked off before the film even started, this would sound track it quite well.  Strung out and desolate, echoing end of the pier fatalism and that unnerving, distorted optimism that you know is just about to be contrasted with a wide shot of the apocalypse.  All the good stuff basically.

Chevalier Avant Garde mixtape

Chevalier Avant Garde’s new album comes out on September 10th on Fixture Records.  You can pre-order it right here.  The first 50 pre-orders get a reworked copy of this mixtape on tape.  Go get!

*full disclosure, I have not seen Cowboys Vs Aliens.  John Carter filled up my sci-fi-flop-o-meter for this year.

20JFG Podcast: Holodeck Winter Mix

Featuring : Holodeck + Podcast



Austin’s Holodeck is one of 20JFG’s favourite labels in the world right now. We are thankful because they have supplied us, since they started operating about a year ago, with a rich arsenal of anti-weapons that have strengthened us psychically and, more recently, helped us to survive the Winter.

They have kindly honoured us with an awesome summary of their journey so far. The stars are the destination, join in the trip.

This is what they have to say;

This mixtape covers our last year of HOLODECK releases as well as 6 new tapes that are coming out in March 2013. The mixtape begins with the viral-ly infectious “Winter” off Troller’s recently released LP reissue, and then proceeds in reverse chronological order of release. You then hear 6 tracks off HD015-HD010, which are the new March 2013 releases –  for the most part, no one has heard any of this before (the S U R V I V E and Thousand Foot Whale Claw are both cassette reissues of full- length LP on different labels, Mannequin and Monofonus Press, respectively). Really think people will dig the new stuff from Sungod, Dylan C, JU4N, and the incredible Soundtracks Vol. II by Smokey Emery – after that we get into the back catalog and have some tracks from Silent Land Time Machine, M. Geddes Gengras, AMASA•GANA, and Lumens…

If folks are interested in the sounds, please, check out our site, but be warned, we’re sold out of most of our tapes!


You can also listen to the mix in Soundcloud if you so desire.

Here is the tracklist:

TROLLER’s s/t LP (out JAN 22 2013)
S U R V I V E – HDXV (HDXV – REISSUE of Manequinn Records’ MNQ026)
SMOKEY EMERY – Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol II: You Take the High Road (HD014)
THOUSAND FOOT WHALE CLAW – Dope Moons Vol I (HD013 – REISSUE of Monofonus Press’ LP)
DYLAN C – Samsara: Causes and Conditions (HD012)
SUNGOD – Contackt (HD011)
JU4N – Vaporware (HD010)
SILENT LAND TIME MACHINE – I am no longer alone with myself and can only artificially recall the scary and beautiful feeling of solitude (HD008)
M. GEDDES GENGRAS – Beyond the Curtain (HD007)
AMASA•GANA – Untitled (HD006)
LUMENS – Lumens (HD004)