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Pandora’s Box

Featuring : Derek Meins + Videodrome

Diving headfirst into the (now, finally, rainy) month of December, 20JFG is soon greeted by the incongruous, shinny citadel of the Well Rounded Housing Project.  And how very shinny it is.  Given the world of endless, music induced metaphors we inhabit it’s often weird to come up against a ‘summer-y’ record on the down slope into winter.  But then, we like weird.  And we like this a lot.

Brighton’s very own Videodrome  are the latest guest at Well Rounded‘s house.  Gifting us here what first seems like a soaring galaxy class slice of airbrushed Italo House before the irrepressible Derek Meins appears to deliver a fine agit-diva vocal, not a million miles away from the cunning of Ian Svenonius crooning over your epic DFA Piano House jam.

Temptation’s Daughter seems on the same oddly Balearic plane that Deep Earth took last week.  Though this time it’s quickly subsumed into the seething morass of the club; a club with the enormous presence of the Derek Meins vocal delivery at its centre: commanding, assured, vaguely satanic.  All the good stuff then, the sort of stuff we like in our sweaty basement haunts as the apocalyptic weather batters our seaside town.  For all the drenching the smokers receive during their regimented five minutes of purgatory, the rain only serves to make the phase transition to the steamy neon environs of the club all the more satisfying.  It’s a track of endless drops, huge synth hooks and real, tangible evidence of fun in disco (for, lo, it is Really Existing Disco).

Videodrome – Temptation’s Daughter (Original Version)

Bit of a misunderstanding with Well Rounded and we’ve removed at their request.  You can stream here.

As you may have gathered, this is out on Well Rounded Housing Project on Jan 30th 2012.  Living in the future…

Future Nostalghia

Featuring : Deadboy + Julio Bashmore

Ghostly drums straight out of Lovecraft’s xenophobic nightmares open up a aural landscape already indistinct, shrouded with a smokey flicker straight from Limbo.

Bashmore’s 2009 remix of the middle child from Deadboy’s already seminal U Cheated 12″, Heartbreaker, plays with the future or Future Garage.  A Future that came and went, a future that now arrives with a new 12″ with old remixes.  It’s an alternative past where these remixes formed a canonical relationship with a 12″ that rightly popped up everywhere.  It’s the Primer of Well Rounded 12″s.

Where Deadboy’s original always seemed like the percussion was sliding out from under it — a masterclass in the limits of control and belligerent bass —  Bashmore’s take locks step quicker and replaces the pounding bass with a scuttling piece of pre-dawn House.  Great swathes of calm and reflection punctuated by an almost mournful wash of hand-claps and reverberating synth stabs.  Finally tying the streetlight-synths of the original to a suitably deserted piece of 4am percussion.

 Deadboy – Heartbreaker (2009 remix by Julio Bashmore)

Julio Bashmore‘s Heartbreaker remixes 12″ is out on Well Rounded Housing Project on 03/10/11.