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19th August 2013

Free Radio Tesseract

Artwork by Philippe Caza via 50Watts. (This is what came up on the radio the other day, distorted, obviously computer generated messages interrupting our joyful listening of WT Records’ most recent batch of releases) Stern Overlord: “Puny humans, the time is nigh. You either get your act together and do what it takes to join the…

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5th November 2012

Sideways between the Future & The Past


Nao Katafuchi

We are graced again by one of those press releases that perfectly describes the music it heralds, and in doing so, hurls us down the velodrome of dreams. It concerns Yumegoto, by Nao Katafuchi:  This musical combination created a new wave cyberpop atmosphere that would not be out of place in a bar in Liquid…

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30th July 2012

Machinedrum Americana


Ex Vivian

We have kneeled within the polygonal provinces projected by a stained glass made in Chicago, and bit the holy bread fuelling our march through the lands of dance. And we have been automated out of a mass murder factory that only delivered prototypes, and scrawled romantic graffiti in its decaying toilets, before being locked out….

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14th January 2012

20jfg Podcast: Speculator’s Sophisticated goth mix

Oxidised gears have started turning at the industrially revolutionary 20jazzfunkgreats manor. Our haphazard mixtape series welcomes 2012 with ‘a bunch of weird stuff no one listens to’, as our curator today, the excellent Speculator, master of WT Records, puts it. Any seeker out there knows that when uttered by the right person, the stream of words…

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13th January 2012

Welcome to the Land of Exile – Week 1


Shawn O'Sullivan

Dear 20JFG, Streets are quiet, sporadic interactions with residents have been friendly.  Skies are large and blue.  The sea is far beneath us.  The world is full of comforts, like a trap.  A bit like that bit in Labyrinth in where Jennifer Connelly thinks she’s home but…she’s not! …have attempted communication with the cat, in…

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14th November 2011

Pitch White Jazz

Another WT Release, another retro gaming reverie. This time, with Momentform, whose frozen tornado of synthetic romance delivers us into the elegant halls of a Persian vizier’s palace, whose pixelated gray-scale we traverse in a quest for love, or rather, revelling in our own loneliness and the idea of love, key out of a prison…

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8th November 2011

Pitch Black Jazz


Ga'an & Kartei

On a Sunday Morning this Autumn, Z. sat in his kitchen and sipped on a mug of sour coffee. He planned his day. He leaned his dirty feet on the kitchen table. He scratched the back of his head. He stared at the empty ashtray in front of him. He tried to get going. And…

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23rd June 2011

‘The Music Blog’


Alex Israel

20JFG recently caught wind of a new production going down in Hollywood, based on its scurrilous life and times. With a working title of ‘The Music Blog’ (changed swiftly from ‘Those Bastards in the Ivory Tower’) – the movie is a somewhat defamatory, quasi fictional account of the much maligned reportage portal’s rise to power. Conceived as a biting analysis…

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